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  • Denise Frakes

With Kindred Spirits

Updated: May 21

Good morning,

    How are you?  I was just listening to the wind and finishing up my morning writing.  Whenever I write, you almost always pop into my thoughts.  You are my writing buddy, my kindred spirit in thoughts to paper.  Even if you haven't been actively writing or exploring, I still know you are a creative soul.  You have one of those rare, beautiful and unrelenting curious brains.  I love this about you...among so many other things.


     Having a buddy in writing, in creating is like having a buddy in faith.  Isn't writing like faith? Faith in the next inspiration appearing even when our brains are blank?  We take a leap of faith, put our fingers on the key board or pens to paper and start moving.  Tap, tap, tap…believe, believe, believe.


    Just knowing you are out there, writing or pondering or me encouragement. Support to keep leaping and asking.  Even if I plop flat on my face...I know and you know we won't stop our brains from being curious.  Of this I'm most grateful.  


If my thoughts speak to you on any level, I know we are kindred spirits.  If you write for fun, journal, scribble ideas on paper. If you dream of creating. Read other people's writing, watch their movies, wish you could write, or paint, or run, or bake- You are a kindred soul. If you knit, or sew, or create dishes, or hold kindness for others in your heart, we are kindred spirits.


This year I’m not going to suggest you to write down big goals.  What I’m suggesting is we gather our kindred spirits together and create.  Write beautiful, magical, loving, creative, enchanting stories!  If you don’t write…no worries, scribble or draw pictures, color your new year.  Take pictures of beauty and magical moments. Use your hands, your Spirit. Tap into curiosity.


Let's gather our friends, our kindred spirits and actively dream, wish, create and playing.  From this space of creative energy…we can create our future together.  When many kindred spirits come together…even if the weather is raging outside,  as a collective, encouraging a believing in each other community …we can create a spectacularly future… one day at a time.


So get out your gratitude journals, your composting notebooks.  Start writing fairy tales where the ending brings tingles to your spine and a big toothy grin to you face. 


I don’t care if the world feels like it's is going to hell in a handbasket.  Today is a moment in time, just a blip.  Our future is yet to be created. It is tiny a seed needing planting. Let’s create a juicy future, one that's round rich and chocolatey. Let's collectively create a future filled with kindred spirits…marching forward in the rain and wind- wearing orange rain boots and floppy hats.  Let's create a new year where we have each other's backs and see the brilliance of each other. 

     Thank you for continuing to have faith in curiosity and wonder. It's the fuel of creativity and shared hearts. Happy New Year!!



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