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  • Denise Frakes

Daily Chores and a Course in Miracles

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Can we shift the very nature of how we see our "chores". How we speak, move even think of our musts. What defines a chore anyway? How does one item land in the chore pile and another land in the get to pile? What's the difference between a task, a must, a chore vs our play, a get to, want to, our crafts and art? Is it a habit, learned or reality?

I'm back to reading and practicing a course in miracles. One round wasn't enough to embed it in my very being. The first lessons are learning to change perception of how I see the world. To take time practicing every day- multiple times- consistently- 3-5 times throughout the day pausing, noticing my thoughts, trying on a new reality. To "actively see and expect a different reality" Pam Grout

"Enlightenment is the unlearning of the thought system that dominates the planet." Marianne Williamson

The practice in a course of miracles, and for shifting habits are tiny, persistent,& consistent shifts in our patterns. We practice until one day we wake up and our old cells have become new cells and our old patterns have become new delightful patterns and our old chores become miracles and gifts of love. They become house blessings and natural states of grace.

Today, look at your musts in a new light. Consciously notice your thoughts and then intentionally rewrite them. Chores, our daily work/ or practices, are perfect places to play. They travel with you every day for your entire life. Perfect!

Happy Travels my friend,


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