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  • Denise Frakes

I treasure the first hours of the day

Ever wake up feeling a bit off? Unsettled, unsure of what you should do or where you should start? That's how I was feeling this morning. I was unsettled.

We aren't meant to always be going or on. We are rhythmic beings. In need of both movement and stillness. In our culture we honor the busy, the challenging, always accomplishing. We are wired for balance, for rhythm. For work and rest. We need to honor the quiet, the stillness, the soft.

As I woke I thought of how to start my day. I wake up early, this is my best time of day to do what's most important. My home is quiet, there are no distractions. My brain is unworn. It's in this space I do my best...consistent work and care.

I get up with the roosters. My days flow best when I start early. Mornings are a quiet time pocket of nourishment and rejuvenation. Most mornings movement/exercise is included: writing, prayer/meditation, an important project gets space. Tidying up my home, making lunch, waking up the dishes- finishing up whatever didn't get done the night before.

This morning, in my unsettled state, I needed a kick start, a beginning that would move me out of an unsettled state and into a grounded and centered state. Of all my options the one I knew would refresh my brain and get my body moving kindly was...dishes, making my lunch tidying up my kitchen.

Tidying up is one of my best practices. I can lean into cleaning I need nourishment. It's predictable, productive, simple. Not much thought is required. Cleaning has a level of deep satisfaction. It connects me to long linage of those who have come before me. Grandmothers, Aunts, Mothers.

Morning chores are repeated every day. They don't require a lot of thought, They are rhythmic, simple and nourishing.

Morning hours are magical for me. Starting the day accomplishing in the quiet time restores me. As I'm writing you, behind me out the back window two hummingbirds are squabbling. My dishes are done, lunches packed, kitchen and day woke up. There is a gentleness and feeling of trust in my being that wasn't there when I woke up.

Lean into your daily chores. In the morning, turn off your cell phones, your pod casts, the noise of the world and listen, move to your own rhythm. You'll find your footing here.

Outside gentle rain started. If I wasn't up in this quiet space I would have missed so much.

Happy travels my friends, Denise

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