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How do you start your week? How do you start your day? When the world seems too big, chaotic, overwhelming...start with a good start...and let it go.

This morning my neighbor and I went for an early. We both brought bags to pick up trash. Over the weekend, a neighborhood close to our home had exploded with trash. Over the past few months, my neighbor and I have gotten in the habit of picking up trash on our walks.

I do it as an act of kindness for our neighborhood, she does it as a tribute and act of love for her late hubby. He loved nature and despised trash. I guess you could say we pick up trash for love. Nature, community, those we love...

This morning we picked up 3 bags of trash. Before 9 am we had walked, made the neighborhood a little happier and had a great chat.

There is something magical that happens when you begin anything well. Beginning the day. Beginning the week intentionally, kindly, productively...ripples on. Even if this is the only awesome thing we do all's still on the books! It feels good.

At the beginning of the year, I did a talk for the city of Fed Way on cleaning. Beyond cleaning our own homes, we talked about cleaning up our cities, what that will do for our communities. Reece from the city, introduced me to the term "Broken window Effect" There is a short video explaining. Basically it says, trash left behind...attracts more trash. Broken windows attract more vandalism. A simple act of repairing and cleaning up a neighborhood...or your own home...has a positive ripple effect.

For our city, my vision is for it to be safe, feel welcoming and healthy. A place where we all go out of our way to be friendly, courteous, kind and thoughtful of each other. To forgive and have patience for each other when life isn't going so smoothly. Perhaps...if we all start each Monday, or each morning practicing an act of kindness, intentionally starting our day...with intentional ripples, we will create cities, a world we can all thrive in.

Happy Travels my friend,



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