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  • Denise Frakes

Do you know what clutter clearing really is?

Clutter clearing is discovering your poetry. Poems remove the filler and fluff and go straight to the heart.

Clutter clearing is a journey of discovery, of simplifying to find meaning.

Clutter clearing is taking a wordy unreadable pile of notes and turning them into poetry, a prose, a delightful collection of thoughts. By digging into your life - you find your life. There is treasure to discover in those dusty and unruly boxes and piles.

When I think of uncluttering, I think of poetry. The below Wabi Sabi poem is clutter clearing. To me, this poem is the essence of clutter clearing. "Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry" Keeping the interestingness and connective tissues.

Read the below quote again and again. Keep the poetry, the essence, the heart of your life...let go of the filler. All those extra words and things hide your poems.

Clutter a rich process of discovery. it gives you wings- your voice.

It finds the heart, the joy of your life. Simplifying down to the heart, removes life's weight. This process lets you grieve, reveals your beauty, gives space for you to grow any age.

Clutter clearing, it's not about organizing into cute boxes. Clutter clearing is clarity seeking, curiosity building, a gem filled, poetic journey.

Happy Travels my friend,


Uncluttering Defined: Poetry & Wabi Sabi

"Pare down to the essence, but don't remove the poetry....

Keep things clean and unencumbered, but don't sterilize"

(Things wabi-sabi are emotionally warm, never cold.)

Usually this implies a limited palette of materials.

It also means keeping conspicuous features to a minimum.

But it doesn't mean removing the invisible connective tissue that

somehow binds the elements into a meaningful whole.

It also doesn't mean in any way diminishing something's


the quality that compels us to look at that something

over, and over, and over again."

Leonard Koren's book: Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

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