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  • Denise Frakes

Do we lose our spontaneous spirit when we create intentional spaces?

"White Space i like air: It is necessary for design to breathe"

Wojciech Zielinski

What is your greatest gift? Your free spirit, your spontaneous spirit? When you create an intentional you clip the wings of your wild spirit?

I've been pondering. If I"m more intentional in my scheduling, my life...will I lose that beautiful gift of spontenanty? As I've been meditation and playing with living more intentional, I'm finding a very interesting effect.

By being more intentional, I'm actually opening up my ability to be free. How does this work? Without being intentional my calendar fills up, my refrigerator and freezer fill up. I sign up for classes, schedule appointments, spend more money.....because of my being impulsive.

When I'm intentional, I actually give myself pockets to play, to create, to wonder and explore, to think deeply to be. The clutter the clamoring of life dies down into the background. It's no longer engulfing me, smothering me in excess. It's not in my face frantically yelling to get my attention.

When I"m intentional, I get to be authentic, centered and free. In this space my spontaneous spirit can play.

There is a big difference between Impulsive and spontaneous. One will give us energy the other will strip it away. Ponder this a minute.

Happy Travels my friend,


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