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  • Denise Frakes

Clutter Clearing is a Practice of Abundance

Clutter clearing isn't removing the poetry of your's reducing the static the constant buzzing of over input. Simplifying is a gracious act of love. When I used to think of minimalism, I would think of an empty room with a couple essentials. Cold, barren, un-creative, empty of soul. What I've come to learn, is when you remove the excess the weight of life the have space to listen, to breathe, to create.

That's one of the zillion reasons, I'm passionate about clearing our clutter...not to remove your joy or memories. But to give them space to shine. To give you space to grow.

Today, I was looking for a quote on the butterfly effect from one of my favorite books "Joyful by Ingrid Fetell Lee. She is the guru of the aesthetics of joy. Even though she doesn't teach clutter clearing, in order to find your do have to attend your weeds. Enjoy her thoughts...they say it all.

"..What I realized is that Kondo's philosophy isn't really minimalism.

It's sanity.

After all, we still have plenty of stuff.

And now that we can see the things we have,

our place actually feels more abundant, not less.

That's because abundance isn't about just accumulating things.

It's about surrounding yourself with a rich palette of textures that enliven your senses.

If true minimalism is like clear-cutting a field, Kondo's method is like weeding a garden.

It's a process of removing the background noise

to create a canvas on which to build a joyful home.

Yet it's also worth remembering that just weeding alone doesn't create a beautiful garden.

You have to plant flowers, too."


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