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  • Denise Frakes

Beginning again...

Updated: May 21

Yesterday I was at Fred Meyer's. Popping into a grocery store this time of year is fun to watch. How things shift. This week...Christmas things went on sale 70% off. Bins and organizing containers took over the holiday shelves. Yesterday Primrose welcomed me as I entered. the store. A sure sign Christmas is over...spring is here. And so it goes. It's a curious thing to be curious of the messages and direction we are visually persuaded to go.

Persuaded...mindlessly following the herd. I'm thinking no.. How can we go back to beginner's mind? Where curiosity and wonder were what drove our direction. My 3 year old nephew Penny can spend hours looking at worms. When was the last time you spent an afternoon looking at worms?

Yesterday morning, after I fed my ducks, I went on a walk about. Wandering around my property. Looking up, around, curiously not with judgment but wonder. It was wonder-full. it was like I saw my trees for the first time. I've lived here almost 20 years. I was in awe of their beauty, they way their branches curve.

We begin again, a new year. 2024 is in it's infant stage. Listen. Ask questions, wander around as if you have never seen your home and life. Who lives here? Before you make your resolutions or decide not to make resolutions. Ponder questions...Who do you want to be? How do you want to live? How do you want be for others? Want to you want to do this year? How do you want to feel?

New Beginnings are excellent pondering times. I celebrate by cleaning out, rebooting and refreshing my space. It feels good starting with a clean slate. It feels better than good- it's Delightful -Spirit Expanding- Joy Inspiring.

Enjoy the possibilities only a new beginning can bring.

Happy New Year,


"Pare down to the essence,

But don't remove the poetry.

Keep things clean and unencumbered

but don't sterilize.

It doesn't mean removing the

Invisible connective tissue

Somehow binds the elements

into a meaningful whole

It also doesn't' mean in any way

diminishing somethings. "interestingness"

The Quality that compels us to looks

at that something over & over & over again.

Leonard Koren

from his book Wabi Sabi

For artists, designers, poets and philosophers

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