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  • Denise Frakes

I want to die wild

I want to die wild. With a curious soul and a happy spirit. I want to die happy I lived.

I want to lay down tonight with a delicious feeling of satisfaction.

When I am done with the day, with my life, what do I need to have been to feel Satisfied? Happy? Wild? Full? Worthy of this life I've been given?

Speak to me in the morning while there is still time to live this life. Speak freely and with vigor!

When I ask this question. That sweet quiet voice we all have answers.. "Your life is in the moments...what you do, who you are everyday creates your life"

How present are you? How did you move through this day? Essence full, expansively, curiously, kindly? Did you breathe full rich beyond your body breaths? Did you touch a heart? Did you smile? On purpose or by accident?

What did you notice? Why did it catch your eye? Did you life as a rich, satisfied, wild, happy, confident soul. Did you listen?

Did you invite Angels to join you? Did you giggle? Was awe there? Did joy visit this day? Did you play? Were you present? Did your spirit show up? Your wise soul? Your heart? Did you see something new? What got your attention? Was you a zombie moving through?

Don't be a zombie Denise! Be wild, be of faith. Put one foot down as if you know exactly where you are going and trust the earth will be there to hold you in her arms."

I want to I die wild- satisfied, to have loved and shared this love fully. Where my life wasn't wasted, an ongoing to-do list, but a life joyfully lived. A work of living art. To have loved life to have been in love with life.

How do you want to die??? This will tell you how to live.

Happy Travels my friend,



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