Thursday, July 4, 2019

Summer bucket list... Do you have one?

Do you have a bucket list?  I didn't until this summer.
You all know I'm a huge fan of simplicity, clearing out clutter and stuck energy.  Over the past 10 plus years, what I've come to know for sure is uncluttering is only 1/2 the equation.  The other 1/2 comes in discovering and intentionally creating.

 Creating a life we thrive in, that delights our spirits.  A life we love.  A life that gives light to others.  Getting rid of our stuff unsticks our lives, clears our minds and revives our spirits.

Clutter Clearing is powerful work on all realms: spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and environmentally. Once we clear the way, our lives start to flow.  We gain energy. We can do more and share more of our natural gifts with others.

However,  if we only work, our internal kid will feel robbed.  Summer is a balance of both work and play.  We need to time to weed, unclutter, simplify and un-procrastinate our lives, and time to play, hang with friends, travel, explore and be free.

 Our inner 10 year old's are wise.  Yes, we should get a good project in and set the groundwork for the rest of the year.  And we should play, be free to do nothing and explore the summer- our own way.

This summer I challenge you to create a summer bucket of the simplest, most delightful activates your 10 year old you would pick.    Think less- spontaneous adventures you could do on an very tiny 10 year old allowance. Be creative!!!

 Denise's summer bucket list 2019 
1. eat a cheap hot dog- the soft ball park kind
2. have a tea party
3. go on a walking road trip through a town or city
4. listen to music, outside on a warm night with Dallas (my hubby)
5. sit around a camp fire
6. eat a new flavor of ice cream
7. sleep outside
8. have a party
9. go to the movies
10. go on a spontaneous and delightful adventure
11. sit still and shoot the breeze with family and friends, with absolutely no rush to clouds go by as we sit...maybe have tea... or a beer
12. play catch

Do this now:
   Get out a pen and paper and create your own bucket list.  There is no right or wrong here.  You can add to it as you get inspired.  Post it and start checking off.  Don't spend much time thinking, if something more delightful pops up- do it and then add it to your list.

Share your list with us below!   Or Click here and post your list to my Facebook page

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Master Mind Uncluttering and Delight Workshops
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  2.  Make your own summer bucket list start checking off your fun.  Ignite you spirit, cultivate simple delights

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What do you love?

Yesterday, my good friend Nancy L sent me the link to Plum Deluxe's tea and food blog.  Nancy is tea brilliant.

If you put a scone and a delightful cup of tea in front of me, I become surprisingly happy!  Friendships come with conversations over tea.
Happiness is really so simple.  A cup of tea, a scone, an afternoon to sit and visit.  Simple pleasures are not complicated, expensive or taxing.  When we simplify our lives ... magical moments appear.

 I challenge you to have a tea party this month.  Invite friends, neighbors or just you.  Bring your heart, taste buds and notepad.  If not a tea party, then pick something you would love to do.

June simple and rich:  Downsize your stuff, your to-do list, your schedule.  Add in play, adventures and rediscover what you love about June

Play!!  Celebrate Strawberries- go to a festival and each strawberry shortcake, watch clouds, celebrate the first day of summer, plant rosemary just to smell, do yoga outside. Walk at night, sleep with the windows wide open.  Enjoy early mornings and late nights.

   Happy travels,
            Send me pics of your tea party!

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

How to Activate Your Super Power in Work

Go from focus to play & ignite your super power

 According to Cal Newport, in his book Deep Work, our ability to work fully focused and undistracted is a super power.  According to Brandon Burchard in his book High Performance Habits, taking a productive pause between focused working segments is just as important.

 Focused Deep Work will catapult us forward on our projects and out of overwhelm.
The Intentional Pause will keep our minds sharp and let us finish our day invigorated. 

I agree!

"Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from craftsmanship. In short, deep work is like a super power in our increasingly competitive twenty-first century economy." Cal Newport  Deep Work

The practice of deep work
 100% fully present
 monotasking - one very specific project or task
set timer
phones off
social media off
tv off
all interruptions paused
task - goal clear
focus 100 % on project
Benefit- super power activated

The practice of intentional pausing 
100% present and unplugged from focused task
set timer 5-10-15 minutes
step outside
stretch- move:  especially if you have been sitting at a desk
hydrating and balancing your blood sugar
breathe from your belly
play, throw a ball,  juggle, skip, dance
take a short walk
Look at nature
Eat your lunch outside- away from your desk
Focus 100% away from work
Benefit- super power activated

Repeat throughout your workday or project

 When your timer goes off. Stop!
 Step away from your desk or project.   Think recess, play, shut off brain

Set your timer for the pause too.  Distractions are everywhere- even in our play

Value and commit to pausing as much as you are to the work.
The Pause is equally as important as the work itself.

The pause is what will keep your mind sharp and your energy strong.  It is what will help you finish the day refreshed.

By becoming fully present and pausing we give our brains a chance to turn on their super powers.

Try deep work and intentional pausing for a day.  Let me know how it goes.
This practice is incredibly effective on mentally challenging tasks but equally helpful on boring or mundane tasks.   This practice of focusing on and then off, can be used on any task from writing a grant, downsizing your paper clutter, to even watching TV.  The most important part is to become present, fully intentional of your task and setting your timer to help you focus and then reboot.