Monday, August 6, 2018

Cleaning is a life chore

Cleaning is a life chore.

 Life chore definition:   a chore or task you will need to do daily, if not weekly, your entire life. 

 That can sound pretty ominous if you don't like your chores.  It's best to make friends with your chores as soon as possible.  

Chores are closely tied to our habits.  They are repeated over and over again. They run on autopilot. 

 If you have a life chore... cleaning, shopping, cooking, paying bills, even exercising, that is not working for you, change your habits, upgrade your skills and shift your attitude.  Your life will be greatly enriched and blessed in the process.

I've enjoyed 27 plus years of working with homes: cleaning, uncluttering, coaching, writing, experiencing, teaching, learning and pondering.

 Home care and chores has become a deep source of wisdom and inspiration.  Dive into anything deep and long enough and you will find your answers.

If you are ready to shift your life chores, let's get going.  We all have one life to live, getting bogged down in a chore is depleting of your spirit.

  Question:  Think of all your daily and weekly chores and tasks.  Which ones give you energy and which ones take it away?

      Wishing you easy and wonder,
          Life coach, residue free living specialist

Saturday, July 14, 2018

How to find your own answers...

Two simple questions from one powerful perspective...

When you are searching for an answer or trying to decide your best next step ask first...

First ask yourself...
Does it give me energy?  Do you fill lighter, expansive energized with a yes or no answer?
Does it deplete me?  Do you feel heavy, overwhelmed, confined with a yes or no answer?

Perfect! Next...
Think of yourself as a wise and happy elder.  Content and all-knowing at the end of your life.  Ask this future you these same questions...  
     To arrive in this beautiful, wise and contented place looking back on my whole life...
            Will this _?__ support me or deplete me to where I want to be in the long run.

Clutter clearing, and downsizing is a spiritual journey.  Doing it from a place of great wisdom is a game changer. 

 We are blessed with options and abundance in our world.  Sometimes too much muddles our own path. Taking time to ask a couple simple questions is priceless.

Wishing you clarity on your path.  No one knows what this path better than you!