Sunday, March 3, 2019

Waking up- the practice of 17 things

Familiarity - lulls us to sleep

My dad and I stopped by a bakery.  As we chatted with the baker, she mentioned the bakery no longer smelled like fresh doughnuts.  The longer she has worked there the less she can smell donuts.

It is not just scent either, sound has the same way of disappearing.  Have you ever lived by a train track?  I did when I was little.  At first, the trains rattle your home and your brain.  But over time something peculiar happens, we stop hearing trains.

A few years ago, my father in law asked me if we got many airplanes flying over our home.  I said, no, not too much.  But then I paused and listened, sure enough one was flying over our home that very minute!!  Amazing- our senses are amazing!

The same thing happens with our vision.  What we see all the time, we stopped seeing.  I see this in houses all the time. The longer something sits, the more invisible it becomes. 

Our senses, they give us so much.  They also protect us and help us adapt to any situation.
 If you want to see your life clearly, you must shift the normal.  Travel new paths with your senses and life.

Look at what has become consistent in your life, your daily actions.  What has become stagnate.  Dust them off, move them completely out of their entrenched space and see what happens.

Spring brings a fresh start. If you want to see it clearly, re-spark your senses.  Start with a clean slate, a fresh canvas.  Sometimes what you have been looking for has been sitting right in front of you the whole time.  Keeping your life fresh and alive requires movement and change.  Let the gift of your senses start to shine again.

This month shift 17 things.  Start March by waking up your senses.  Eat 3 new foods,  travel a route to work, play new music, move 17 things in your home, call old friends, turn off your cell phone, try a new hobby- juggling?  Add flowers to your kitchen, read from a new author, read nothing. Shake up 17 of your normal habits.  Wake up your senses and your life.

Let me know what you shift and what happens to your senses when you do,
         Happy Travels,
                       Life Coach and Healthy Home Specialist

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Find more joy... look up!

How we see the world is often how the world is...

Where do your eyes go when you have an idea?  Where do your eyes look when you are happy or feeling awe?  UP.  Over time our eyes, like us, can become fatigued - weighed down with gravity.

January 1st, I joined Donna Eden in her 31 day eye challenge.  It was an easy challenge.  Over the 31 days in January, she posted daily 3-10 minute videos on YouTube.  Each video demonstrated the same 8 exercise repeated over and over again by different practitioners.  I did the exercise along with Donna, her family and students around the world.   Easy!

The eye exercises weren't new.  I had taken the Energy 101 and 102 courses about 8 years ago.  These exercises were part of that course.   Over the years I dabbled here and there but not much happened...I was too random and not consistent enough.

As I type this, I have been doing these exercises for 37 days.  I'm absolutely stunned by my eyes.  Here were the benefits the class said you might gain from doing the exercises.  Good enough right?  But what I'm experiencing is so beyond this list!

  • Eye fatigue and strain
  • Red, itchy, watery eyes
  • Swollen eyes
  • Headaches
  • Allergies with eye-related symptoms
  • Eye-related conditions such as glaucoma and cataracts
  • The need for prescription eye glasses and/or contacts
I was expecting my eyes to feel less fatigued and maybe be able to see better.  But what I'm experiencing goes way beyond red and itchy eyes.  My upper vision has expanded.  I see up more.  When I'm walking I find myself looking up to the tops of the trees, out into the horizon.  In stores I see the whole store.  My eyes are more open.  It feels like I had an eye lift without any surgery.  I feel younger in spirit.  When I look in the mirror my eyes shine back at me.  

These exercises are magical.  I'm posting a few of the class videos- they are available on YouTube.  Also, check out Edenmedicine for more classes for your whole body.  Thank you Donna Eden!!
Try it for yourself.  Do the exercises everyday for 31 days.  Once you get the hang of it they can take as little as 2 minutes to complete.

The big improvements came from light and consistent practice.   A habit of bright and shining eyes!!  I have no idea what you will experience, but if it's close to what I'm experiencing- you are going to love me!!!   Habits are all about persistently and consistency.  its only 3 minutes - day

PS.  These exercise do not take the place of your eye doctor or in any way give medical advice.  This is an a exercise, a practice.  I'm finding great joy and benefit from this practice and wanted to share with my community, friends and family.  Enjoy

Happy smiling with bright and beautiful eyes.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Habits are like compound interest

If you want to be happier this year focus on your habits.  Create a clear and beautiful vision of your future.  Then create habits to support that vision.  Small simple actions towards your goals...consistently and persistently done.  Pick one it everyday...see how it transforms over time.  Like compound interest- tiny and consistent actions become powerful habits.

 Habits are like compound interest.  At first it doesn't seem like much

The easiest way to add a new habit is to hook it up with an already established habit. A Trigger habit:  A task or activity you already have to do and have been doing long enough that it is habitual.  Such as waking up, washing dishes, riding in the car, eating or even washing your face.  Our simple daily activities are a gold mine when it comes to creating a natural space and rhythm to nourish a new habit.

You want to have more energy?  Improve your breath.  Everytime you engage in a household chore, start with taking 5 long slow deep breaths.  Stand tall, smile and relax your shoulders, come back to present for 5 breathes or even 5 minutes.   As you vacuum, as you wash dishes, as you shop, as you clean...  you practice breathing.  This tiny practice becomes fertile ground to uplift your life.

Home care is a rich space to create new habits and up shift deeply imbedded unhealthy habits.
       Goals need legs to survive.  Cultivate your dreams and vision in your habits

Denise Coach and Trainer:  Home life and work at your service