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  • Denise Frakes

We had the worst air quality in the world!!!!

This morning I'm moving blogs into my new blog site. I came across this post. Originally I wrote over a year ago Oct 13- 2021. One year later, two days ago our Puget Sound Area had the worst air quality in the WORLD. Not just here...but in the WORLD. 😢

Air is life. It is as simple as that. Should we care for our inside air quality, our outside air quality? Reducing pollutions as we can? Really- do I need to ask this question?

Last, year when I wrote this blog, I was finding out how much air quality affects our brains- our mental functioning. I had known it from my work, but didn't have the science to confirm my own experiences. Healthy air- gives us energy, it helps us thing, it keeps us is life.

I'm the facilitator for our Puget Sound Asthma Coalition. This work I do to help us connect, partner up, share, support, help heal our air is an act of love and passion. I'm so very thankful to be in the position to help us make positive changes to our lives and our planet.

Happy Breathing...and travels my friend,


Discovery worth sharing!!! A post worth re-sharing!!

Indoor air effects more than just our lungs. I see this over and over and over, again in my clutter clearing work. Mental tasks are easier with fresh-healthy air. Our brains work better. We breathe better. Everything is easier: organizing your desk, sorting paper, writing a blog or have a conversation. Our entire life and how we function in it is sabotaged with poor indoor air quality!

Yesterday, I got my newsletter from It's called Newslice- sponsored by healthy schools network since 2003. Usually it has at least 1 or 2 nuggets of wisdom or news worthy of my time. Yesterday- it was a huge golden nugget, the Newslice included an article about IAQ and cognitive function.

Here's the thing, just because we can't see indoor air quality- doesn't mean it's not wildly important!! And if you have asthmas, ADHD, a project needing your attention or if you want to be healthy, vibrant and happy...then healthy IAQ is essential.

This article and the study it highlights give support to anyone trying to make a difference. Not everyone has asthma, or a sensitivity to fragrances, or needs full focus to do their work. But we all want to have a beautiful functioning brain! Right?

Here is the link to the entire newsletter for Oct 8th The newsbyte I'm referring to is down a bit- I've copied and linked it below for you.

If you want to make a change in your world and the world around you. Read this article. Note- when I tried to open it, it was a subscription based article. So I went directly to the study! Scroll down in the study for the highlights! AWESOME STUFF!!!

Try This: Open up your windows everyday. Turn on your exhaust fans. Keep your homes clean and you can think beautifully, breath beautifully and live beautifully.

Happy Travels, Denise

SCIENCE - How healthy is the air in your workplace? It’s a question many of us are now asking to protect ourselves from Covid-19. But indoor air quality is also something we should be talking about long after the pandemic ends. Because not only can the quality of your workplace air influence the number of sick days you take each year, but it may even affect how well your brain works in the office. A new study shows that poor indoor air quality is associated with subtle impairments in a number of cognitive functions, including our ability to concentrate and process information. The study tracked 302 office workers in commercial buildings in six countries — the United States, Britain, China, India, Mexico and Thailand — for 12 months. (The New York Times)


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