"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful." – Mother Teresa


Notes received from my clients.  I'm eternally grateful for our collaborations.  We create together.  What I create comes from all of us.  You are all my teachers, my teammates, my inspiration and my driving force to find answers to old questions.  Thank you for being part of my life.

 I'm making great progress. At times, I think, "oh boy, I'll be done soon!" But, then, there seems to be so much more to go through. That's why I need your motivation. I've done more this summer than I have in the 5 years I've had that storage unit." 

My house is getting less cluttered everyday, routines are falling into place and I feel freer.  There is more room for joy!"

Oh Denise, this wisdom is exactly what i needed.  You absolutely spoke my soul language and gave me hope, clarity and the ability to get unstuck.  This is indeed a process and I have been so focused on action that I cannot remember the last time I pushed "pause." I forgot to celebrate my work and "the sweetness of your soul."

Words can't express the gratitude I feel. You have given me the ability to make more choices in my life.  Who would have thought when we first met that my life would be so changed by one of the sweetest, most understanding and toughest women."

Denise is a dynamic and gentle teacher of living healthy and well.  Her commitment to help others live with joy- including cleaning, organizing, self care and more speaks for itself.  I was stuck. ..I had stopped writing. My thoughts and life were in disarray.  A bit of envisioning, some letting go, some elbow grease and grace have freed up energy to create again. Many Thanks

Denise has a very warm and vibrant personality that resonates well with my support group and is always well received with her captivating and informative talks.  ...
I highly recommend Denise as a speaker and plan to invite her back again to present to my support group on another enlightening topic that is beneficial to our oncology patients.

You offer such a gift. It is amazing the impact one person can have on the community.  And one inspired person can inspire others, who inspire others. I'm so excited to catch up with my sister..to share my excitement that I went to the most fun and inspiring workshop (then pause...and make her guess the topic) be fore I tell her it was on cleaning!!!  And it was amazing!  The beauty and love you can put into cleaning that creates a great home.  Thank you again for sharing"

“Dear Denise, Today is an epiphany day for me! I was looking for a (recently used) credit card that isn’t with my other cards. Until today I would’ve felt depressed and defeated knowing how many random places it could be – mixed in with hundred’s of miscellaneous papers. But no, now there ae only a very small pockets of unsorted places where it could be hiding. Wow, this new found relief is life changing. I can’t thank you enough for home much your help has improved my life!!” Love, Susan G And, this order is realistic and SUSTAINABLE.  

I loved joining your group yesterday. You have so much joy bubbling from your pores. It truly delights me. You also have much to offer on the cleaning/clutter clearing subject and I look forward to further soaking up both your knowledge and your enthusiasm.