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Habit shifting, creating intentional space and living residue free

Creating Space to Nourish, Create, Rest, Heal and Thrive
 Clutter Clearing, Downsizing, Simplifying - Creating space to Breathe 
Healthy homes, Smart Chores, Cleaning for Health and Vitality

Life is funny. When I grew up on a farm in Colorado I hated to clean!  Hated it!  Of course, I ended up becoming a professional cleaner and residue free cleaning specialist.  Life is funny.
Over the past 27 plus years I have made a powerful discovery.

The Space we live in is like our habits- it can nourish or diminish our lives
It will work for us or against us- how we use our habits is our choice

Cleaning is not a chore, cleaning is space clearing.
 It is shifting the energy of the room.
Clutter is not stuff it is stagnation and weight.
Space clearing is practice of shifting the energy in our homes and live
Home care is an an art, a practice and a science. 

When I was in high school and college I had a running coaches.  They helped me get stronger, more confident and successful.  I was always a better runner when I had a coach supporting and cheering me on.  This is why I became a life coach- because I know how valuable it is to have someone in your corner- challenging you forward but also patting you on the back and celebrating your victories with you.  I became a home coach because what we surround ourselves with has a direct impact on our minds, bodies and spirits.

   Coaching and Services by Denise

 Clutter Clearing - Downsizing- Simplifying and Creating Space
Nourishing Chores- Cleaning for health and vitality - Classes and products
Space Clearing- Home energy shifting- releasing-creating
Residue Free Cleaning demo's, classes and presentations
And Norwex Independent Consultant

Contact Denise @ 253-815-0446 or

Certified Transformational Life Coach
Certified Clutter Clearing Coach
Supported teams

Residue Free Living Specialist
Certified Master Energy EFT Practitioner
Master Reiki 
Certified Healthy Home Specialist
Owned and operated a restoration cleaning company Since 1991
      Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
      Natural stone, tile, concrete restoration cleaning
      Education on maintenance and healthy home educator
            Residue Free Cleaning Specialist
Owner of Blue Sky Services
Writer and Presenter on
       Healthy homes, Clutter clearing, Speed cleaning,
       Residue Free Living and Vibrant spirits
Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex
Presenter Residue Free - Green Cleaning and Health homes

P.S.  I believe work should be fun and discovering what we love is where we will find ourselves

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