Denise Frakes  Residue Living Coach

Be Residue Free
Residue Free Living... Residue Free Homes...Residue Free Cleaning
Living in a way where life, chemicals, stress.... doesn't linger on our bodies, minds and spirits

What is Residue Free?
Residue Free is living in a way that life's irksomes:
chores, toxins, clutter, stressors.....
don't leave a lingering residue on our mind, body and spirit

5 Keys Practices of Being Residue Free
Ask questions
Prevention- an ounce of prevention is a million times easier than restoration
Always start with.. the mildest, simplest, safest, most enjoyable and effective means
Leaving nothing- unintentional behind- Chemical or Emotion
Reflect:  learn, try again...no judgement

How Residue Free came about
Residue free is an accumulation of 30 years in business and 54 years of living.  When we first started our first cleaning company in 1991, the first thing we learned was how much of our work was just removing residues left behind.  We became experts in removing residues while not causing harm to ourselves, our clients, their surface and the environment.  I remember thinking...someone should teach this  stuff... it's so important...and so I did.

What started as residue free cleaning turned into a philosophy a life style of simplicity, joy and health.  Of being awake and staying curious.

Contact Denise info@dfbluesky.com
Owner of Blue Sky Services

Denise Frakes - Bio 
30 years professional work in healthy homes, residue free cleaning, habits of health & joy
Certified Transformational Life Coach- SLCTC
GBAC Certified- Foundational Course- with COVID-19 focus
Certified in Clutter and Space Clearing
Certified Healthy Home Specialist NEHA
Certified Master Energy EFT Practitioner- a stress reducing technique
Certified Reiki Master
     Private coaching
 Group- organizational coaching and training
Residue Free Cleaning- training
Clutter Clearing Coaching and Support
Healthy Homes and Residue Free Living Training and Coaching
Currently:  Zoom, facetime, outdoor sessions, Webinars

   I sell microfibers and products that support residue free living and homes
My favorite and the microfibers I personally use are Norwex.  I became a independent consultant because this is what I use, love, train on, and want to share with you. 
Go to:  My Norwex-Microfibers and Residue Free products site
I'm also an Amazon Affiliate.  Meaning if you click on a link from my website and buy, I gain income.  Which helps me continue to share this amazing message.  So thank you.  
Most of the links I share are from products, books I love and want to share with you.

Denise Frakes 
         at your service

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