About Denise- Bio and Services

Denise Frakes at your service

Coach - Speaker - Writer 

The transformation of chores, habits, cleaning, work, clutter,  vitality and in the process...life.

The art, science and practice of creating a healthy and nourishing space to thrive in

Transformational Life Coach and Seasoned Healthy Home Specialist
Using work & chores as a habit and practice to transform 
Creating nourishing space to thrive in

The science and art of creating a health home

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Denise Frakes - Bio and Services in a Nutshell
Certified Transformational Life Coach
Certified in Clutter and Space Clearing

Residue Free living, homes and cleaning researcher and hands on experience 27 years +
Healthy home educator, coach and speaker
Certified Master Energy EFT Practitioner
Reiki Master
Certified Healthy Home Specialist

Co-Owner of Blue Sky Services  1991 to current 
      Denise has 27 years hands on experience, education and training in
           Healthy homes, residue free cleaning, clutter clearing, preventative maintenance
Business owner with a degree in business from Colorado State
   Area of experience- preventative maintenance
 in restoration cleaning, residue free cleaning 
Consumer education for healthy homes and preventative maintenance
Downsizing, clutter clearing and restoring balance to homes- one on one coaching/support
      Natural stone, tile and concrete restoration cleaning and sealing 
Coaching, Education and Presentations 
       Healthy homes: the science and art of creating a healthy space
       Residue Free Cleaning: transformation of home and chores
Radiance, vitality and ease in work and homes
       Clutter clearing: lightening up, clarifying and un-muddling your space and time 
       Inspired work, habits and daily chores that work for you

   offering effective tools for residue free cleaning  
Support packages for the homes and the home industry 

When I was in high school and college I had running coaches 
 They helped me get stronger, more confident and become a better runner and athlete
  I became a coach, speaker and writer to help others get where they want to go

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