Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Prune your chores = Increased Happiness

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands etc... our chores will expand in our lives until we start pruning. Without a bit of clutter clearing our freedom is squished and smashed.  Our chores and habits are closely related they silently and quietly move into our lives talking up our time and energy until we are exhausted and bogged down by life..

    The laws of money say your expenses will match and exceed your income unless you create intentional boundaries and awareness to stop the over spending.    The same is true of our chores.  Our in boxes, to do lists and daily chores can become time clutter.   Our lists of daily, weekly  and seasonal responsibilities needs periodic pruning.  Before the holidays appear, downsize your chores, giving yourself breathing room to play and celebrate.

This week I came across a study... How buying time promotes happiness  The study tested the hypothesis of how spending money on material goods would compare to spending money on activities that saved time on our chores.  It turns our we are significantly happier spending money on saving time on our chores than on new stuff.

5 tips to Pruning your Autumn Chores
 Start slashing, cutting and simplifying your chores- get your knife sharp and mind clear 

    1)  Become aware...Pay attention to what you are doing each day- how much time and energy you spend on chores??

    2)  Unclutter your self imposed work!  How have your chores expanded over time?
            How many grocery stores do you go to each week?
            Do you have more stuff to dust around.
            Can your meals be simplified?  Can you use fewer dishes?

    3)  DelegateHire! Buy!  Sometimes all you have to do is ask for help.
             Other times you might want to hire out.  A housecleaner, an decluttering coach, dinner out
                Help to the rescue!!  Get help!!!!!  Lighten your load!!

     4)  Simplify! Simplify! Simplify!
              Cook less but bigger batches,  Eat simply, enjoy left overs
              Downsize your possessions- less is more free time
              Shop less, shop fewer places, shop with a clear list

     5)  Just do it- Decide to reduce!   Open up your creative juices to see how many "required" chores can be simplified, downsized, reduced and deleted!

  This last quarter of 2019 sets the stage for next year.  Start by following our seasonal cues.  Let go of your leaves, let plants die away, harvest and prune your chores.  Less is more in our lives.  We don't need to go on vacation for freedom.  Freedom can be found everyday of our lives.  Breathing space is a gift it is the best gift you can ever give yourself and those you love.  Chores are there to support us in our lives...we were not created to mark off our daily chore lists

As always, I wish you great joy in your daily travels,
              Denise Frakes
    Personal and home coach... at your service

Friday, October 5, 2018

First Thoughts and traveling Ideas

 When you are awakened or waken with an inspired thought- pay attention.  This may be a little thought wanting to have a voice.  It probably isn't your voice but a wise idea wanting to get legs.  It is testing the waters... will she/he listen or are they still asleep?

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about a Muse in her book: Big Magic. I love her thoughts on inspiration.  Inspiration isn't ours, it is little traveling ideas in search of a host. Ideas travel around looking for a kindly soul to help carry their messages to the world.  Creative genius is not our own brilliance, it is the wisdom and awareness of being a good listener.

When you have an inspired idea- Listen.  Take a moment and thank it for visiting.  This idea might be an idea for you or you may want to let it pass to another.  Not all thoughts that travel are ours for the taking you know.

The more open and receptive we are, the more thoughts will pop in.  It is an honor to be gifted with ideas.   It can also be a bit too much.  Not all thoughts are good matches for us.  Sometimes we don't have the energy to help it along.  Life is a choice.  Be thoughtful in how many ideas you are playing with and holding space for.

A few good "ideas" in caring for theses traveling thoughts:
 First and most importantly, pause your mind chatter and listen
 Always acknowledge these little traveling ideas, say thank you
 Welcome ideas and thoughts in for future visits.

A few days ago I had an early morning thought. I knew it was one I wanted play with and give space to grow.  I told myself through sleepy thoughts "Denise remember this in the morning".  And so I did. I love traveling thoughts.  My world is enriched by such thoughts.

Wishing you happy travels in your life today,
home and life coach at your service