Friday, February 23, 2018

Uncluttered: A place to rest - space to breathe

I have an amazing friend who is a quilting genius.  She looks at quilting not as a hobby but as a form of art.  An expression of what she sees and loves in this world.  The other day we were looking at one of her quilts. She explained the solid color between the blocks and round the border is to give your eye's a place to rest.  hmmm.

Our lives are like quilts,  There needs to be a place for our bodies, minds and spirits to rest.  If our schedules are too full, our houses and lives filled with too much we feel heavy and tight.  We can't breathe, we can't rest, we smile less, our spirits get heavy.

By clearing your clutter, opening up your life for space to breathe, we relax. Our lives start to move and flow.  It is the space between the notes that creates music- same as quilts and same as our lives.

           As always, I wish you happy travels,

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