Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Are your New Year resolutions starting to fade?

What do you love so deeply that you would be willing to dedicate 1000 days toward its growth? 

About this time of the year our New Year's resolutions start losing their zest.  If we aren't careful by next December they will become a regret.

Life gets cluttered.  Before we know it, the quiet clarity we felt in January gets blurry from the bright lights and endless requests of life.

Take a minute to be quiet- very still.  Go back to the vision you had when you passionately wanted to create change in your life.  How did you feel?  Do you still want that change?  How will you feel next December if it doesn't happen?

Are you still hungry for that vision to become a reality? If the answer is yes....

1.  Look at your goal- break it into bite sized pieces, next steps to take.  Work in two week segments on your bite sized pieces.  Always be moving on the next step.

2.  Get an accountability buddy or hire a coach to support you and help keep you focused, excited and moving forward.

3.  Make sure your goals are clear. Work on one goal at a time.  It is better to master one life changing goal than to chase 100 chickens around the barnyard.

4.  Goals are like baby plants.  They need extra TLC until they have deep roots.

As always I wish you happy and joyful travels on your path.  If you find you need a walking friend to keep you moving forward... give me a call.  253-815-0446

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