Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Open your heart... Meet Il Volo

Do you feel tight?  Do you want to feel rich, full and open?  One of my beloved clients/friends has introduced me to Il Volo or as she refers to them as "the boys"
  When we work together my friend plays "the boys" on her stereo.  Their voice expands your heart.  They expand my heart. I feel rich, full and expanded. Life gets easier.  I wish this for you...

                               Today give your heart a little gift,

To expand your heart click here and meet "the boys"

This is a YouTube video- there is a very short commercial first- please click skip add
The music is well worth the effort!!


  1. Yes! Wow, they bring me to tears and open me up like tbe three before them. Beautiful inspiration, thank you, Denise.

  2. Thanks Jenny. They are playing in Las Vegas in March!