Friday, March 31, 2017

Can your chores bring you joy?

Do you smile when you wash dishes, dance when you dust, hum as you pay bills?  Last night I was giving a talk on how to make friends with cleaning.  As I was chatting I realized it isn't cleaning that is the problem- it is our relationship with cleaning, our habits and belief that causes the irksomes.  What we think about cleaning or any chore will decide our fate.

As I type this blog, my joy is palatable.  I'm on fire to play with shifting our relationships with chores to ones that will support and lift us up.  Imagine driving to work singing to the radio- with a big old smile on your face.  Mowing the lawn - drenched in the smells of spring.  Scrubbing toilets as a deep meditation... the possibilities are endless.  I love this so much I can't wait to play myself.  Next bill paying session is going to be spectacular!  My cleaning day is going to rock!  And my grocery shopping a trip in curiosity!!

I've played with this idea for years but last night lightening struck!  I get it.  I'm going to play with it.  I will share it and it is going to change the world!  HA!

Today, pick something you are dreading.  Taxes, dentist, washing your socks, plucking eyebrows, brushing your teeth- anything... Create space to play in your thoughts.  A little spark is all you need for a fire to start.

Comment below- tell me what you are going to do to change your world!  One chore at a time!!

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