Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pause ...just for a second and breathe

This morning I slept in.  I opened my eyes to sunshine.  I started the morning by smiling for no other reason beyond the moment.  My kitty Penny joined me.  She kneeded the bed and purred. I rubbed her belly and smiled.  The birds sang outside, the sun was shining.  It felt like a little moment of heaven.  There were no bands or fireworks but there was a deep sence of love.  Love of the moment.

I went outside this morning.  It is already warm.  I just stood in our back yard and was.  The leaves were lit by the sun.  Birds singing their songs.  The air filled with spring and lilacs.  My to do list will have to wait a few minutes.  I am busy.

It has been a while since I felt such peace.  There is a time to do, to achieve to build and create.  But there also needs to be a time to Be:  To love, to smell lilacs, to be content with sunshine and birds singing.

I don't know how to change the world.  But this morning I discovered again how to Be in this moment.

May you remember to pause today and just Be.  The power of life when you let yourself Be in the moment is why we try so hard to live.