Saturday, September 19, 2015

The gift of clutter clearing

    If I had to pick one word I hear most often associated with clutter it would be the word "overwhelm".  Too much stuff in your living space will feel like...overwhelm.  That's the bad news.  The good news is what you get when you start letting go of life's weight.  You get to discover, create and uncover your true authentic shining self.

    When you have lots of stuff and that feeling of overwhelm seeps into your life, you probably dream it would all magically disappear.  Poof- end of problem!!!  Yeah!!  Except one little missed the journey of discovery.

   It is in this journey of letting go and freeing yourself that you find yourself.

 Cleaning out or clutter clearing has two guiding themes....

    1.  Discovering what you love, what you actually use, what gives you energy, what lights you up, what makes your eyes sparkle

    2.  Discovering what depletes you, holds you back, diminishes you, what sits on your shoulders and weighs heavily on your heart.

    As you you clean out, these two themes get asked over and over... How do you really feel about this lamp your great aunt Matilda gave you?  Do you actually use the treadmill sitting unused covered with clothes?  Or does it haunt you and make you feel less than?  Would you rather go outside for a walk in the fresh air instead?  Will you ever read this book covered in dust or would you rather read a new book on a new subject?  Or maybe you would be happier painting or having tea with friends or hiking?   Hum....

     Questions, questions, questions you ask again and again.  As you ask and clean out you get a gift.  That little authentic voice within, you thought was buried, starts getting stronger.  Your instincts and intuition of what you truly love start getting clearer.  You start to breathe deeper and you feel lighter.  You start to feel again.  Your heart opens up.  You get to discover who you are today.  Being lost in the past or fearful of the future become less powerful than this present moment.

    Cleaning out is more than the removal of stuff, it is the discover of your authentic self.

It is a journey of discover that truly is magical.
   Wishing you great ease and joy on your journey,