Friday, August 14, 2015

Cultivating an ancient practice to reset your energy system

Cultivating an ancient practice, even the words have a restorative ring.  When my computer or cell phone go nuts, I unplug wait 60 seconds and try again.  99 percent of the time this does the trick.  So simple and yet so effective.

Our grandmothers and grandfathers didn't have cell phones or computers but they did know how to reset.  Their daily work was unplugging the charge.  The ancient practice was doing their daily work.

Washing dishes, cleaning windows, cleaning out drawers, pulling weeds, chopping wood, these chores are where our ancestors found their center, de-stressed and rebooted.

Yesterday I cleaned out two rooms and I cleaned my home.  Today, as I look around I feel refreshed, centered and restored.  I can't imagine anything doing more than a free day of cleaning and cleaning out can do.

I cleaned out and organized and as I did I lightened the weight I carry around.  Later I chopped down some baby poplar trees, I accomplished and felt strong.  I cleaned toilets, vacuumed floors and washed windows.  Today, I can see clearly and breath deeply.  As I cleaned I unplugged.

When you need a reset, keep it simple.  Everything you need you already have.  What you are looking for is not out there but with you all along.  Think simply. What is in front of you?  What needs done?  What has been weighing heavily on you lately?  Start with 30 minutes- stay focused. Open windows get some fresh air and light into your life.  Move right to left to right and top to bottom. Move mindfully and breathe deeply.  Let go of what no longer serves you.  Stay present and get lost in the moment.  Move with strong posture and relaxed shoulders.  Enjoy your work, for this is not a chore but an ancient practice of unplugging.

Happy cleaning and cleaning out,