Monday, June 1, 2015

The joy of dust bunnies

Forget the books on how to enjoy your life.  Joy is in the daily details.  

As you clean you glance into the bathroom mirror and see a sparkle in your eyes.
You catch yourself singing while scrambling the eggs.
A squeal of delight scares your kitty when you discover a new pea sprout has broke ground.

These are clues.  Your spirit doesn't care where you are, what you are doing, how old you are, how much rain we have had, or how many pennies you have in your bank account.  This kind of contentment in life, joy in living and gratitude for life itself is all found in the details.  The gentle rhythm of life absorbs you.  Maybe you even find curiosity in the travels of lost socks

You come to your daily chores not from fear: what will the neighbors think; of frustration: not enough time; of anger: not appreciated; of dread: this is beneath me but in rejoicing of the day- no matter what you are doing!  

Everything you do with a spirit of grace is a gift.  Finding delight and wonder as you watch the dust bunnies in your home scurry across the floor- especially when company is present- is a gift to your soul

Changing your relationship to your daily chores.  Because that is exactly what it is - it is a relationship!  

      If your ... chore...was a person how would it feel?  Appreciated, loved, nurtured?

hummm,  just wondering outloud,
    wishing you organized dust bunnies and matching socks!

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