Monday, June 8, 2015

Eat Pretty for beautiful skin

Last night I ordered myself a new book.  Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart.  It cost me $9.85.  When I think of all the lotions and potions I can put on my skin, $9.85 is a screaming deal.

   Over the years, I have found the principles of residue free cleaning can be completely transferable to skin care.  Less is more.  On slate floors when a coating has been applied, my first instinct is to cringe.  For a couple of reasons.  First of all the coating has completely covered up the essence of the slate. It no longer looks and feels like slate but is now a plasticky, shinny shadow of the original.  Secondly, I know at some point this coating will need to be stripped off.  The stripping off process will require unnecessary chemicals, serious agitation and inevitably a bit of extra wear and tear not only to the floor but to us too!  

   I pause here to give a heavy sigh....

  At this point you may be wondering what does a coated slate floor have to do with a new skin care book called Eat Pretty!  Everything!!!  When we coat our faces with layers of beauty products we are essentially coating our slate floors.  Our natural essence has been hidden and at some point - usually at night before bed, we will need to strip off the coating.  This practice can't be good for your tender face skin.

  Partly because I'm terribly lazy when it comes to make up and partly because I hate it's feel and partly because coatings make me cringe, I wear very little make up. I do love healthy skin so instead I make my own skin care oils and try to take care of my skin from the inside out.  And after one long drawn out conversation...this is why I ordered the book Eat Pretty by Jolene Heat for $9.85 last night.

Wishing you radiant skin and good eating,

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