Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Natural Beauty Shines Through

This morning in the wee hours of the day, I was mesmerized by our slate floor.  The early morning light was dancing off the stone's natural texture.  It got me to thinking about how beautiful the natural essence of stone is.  In our business of cleaning, that is really what we are trying to achieve, uncover the natural essence of the surface we are working on.  

As a general rule of thumb, we don't add finishes or coatings to stone.  Sometimes we will enhance a stone's finish but we try not to do that either.  Because when you look closely at most stone you will see it is really art.  No two stones are the same, they are millions of years old and they came out of a mountain!  

On our slate floor we have yellows and oranges, greens and grays, there are browns, tans and even purples- how great is that?  Beyond the rainbows of color there is more to the stone.  There is a texture and when clean and free of soil, residues and manmade coatings there is clarity to the finish that is breathtakingly beautiful.  You will never get that kind of clarity when you mask and cover up its natural essence.

And the truth is that’s how we are too.  When our natural essence shines through we are all beautiful.  I remember going to visit my grandma Ella in the nursing home towards the end of her life.  She was in her 90's, sitting in a wheel chair, lots of wrinkles and could no longer see clearly with her eyes.  And yet she was undoubtedly beautiful!  Her eyes sparkled.   My grandma was insanely curious and even though her body was giving out her natural essence was still very much alive and well. This was where her radiance came from.

True beauty comes from our natural essence.  It never comes from a coating added- make up on our faces or acrylic coatings on our floors.  It comes from the twinkle in our eye, our natural passions and curiosities.  Our essence shines through when we are thoughtful of others and notice the beauty surrounding us. When we unexpectedly get the giggles or well up because our hearts have been touched.  

You can't put your finger on the exact place we show our essence because it isn't stagnating but alive.  Each day, each month, each year we have many reasons to let residues build up not only on our floors but in our lives.  The key to having our natural essence shine through is to keep cleaning off the residues and never let them build up.

As always, wishing you happiness, health and natural radiance!