Monday, November 28, 2011

A list of one for December

An interesting Japanese concept.
The art of making the subtlest changes as possible.
It is not about the grand gesture.
It is about producing real and lasting change:
However small.

December is big. It is full. It is the big 4th of July firework finale at 10pm. Our days are full of decorating, cooking, shopping, wrapping, celebrations, cards, phone calls, cleaning before company and hopefully a couple cat naps. December is the last month of this year. The month of catchup before we start again next year.

I like the Japanese concept of Kaizen. Making the smallest most subtlest little change for lasting and real results. What if we took this understated concept to the month of December? Instead of creating a big list of ways to create a beautiful holiday, what about focusing our energies into one little idea? Not a list of 10 or 100 but a list of one. It sounds almost sinful doesn't it?

If there was one change or idea or feeling you would want over the next month what would it be? Christmas shopping done, wrapped and shipped by the 11th of December? Or taking 5 minutes everyday to stop and listen to someone you love? Baking 12 batches of cookies? Or taking a daily stroll outside- rain or shine? I have no idea what little change you would make. I'm not even sure which one I would make, but it is most definitely an interesting concept.

A concept worth a moment or two. This month, look inside yourself and ask what would touch my heart the deepest this month? Think small- little tiny- think molecular. Think about it with a smile and inward knowing joy.

My hope for you and myself this December, is a month not filled to the brim but open to receiving the gift of an interesting art of a subtle change.

As always, wishing you a healthy and happy home,


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When a gift lands in your lap - Say Thank you!

Our home has been invaded!!! A few weeks ago, Dallas was driving on a 4 lane road when he spied what looked like a guinea pig waddling across the road. When the little fuzzy fellow tried to climb the curb to the sidewalk, Dallas realized it was a very young kitten. Apparently, he was both brave and strong jawed. As Dallas tried to save him, he bit Dallas's finger!

We tried to find his home and when we couldn't find it, we then looked to find him a home. Of course, trying to find him a home was silly, he was already home. We now have a little Q-tip as part of our family.

He is a brave little guy. Not only did he cross 4 lanes of traffic but he has no fear of our dog, Sally or our big 16 lb cat, Penny. He doesn't even seem the slightest bit concerned with us standing over him like giants.

We weren't looking for another fuzzy family member but now that he has been here a few weeks, it would be hard to imagine life with out him. We have spent a lot of time laughing at his playful moves. Of course, I do realize he is still a baby, I'm not sure what we are in for when he becomes a teenager!!! Holy Moly!

Wishing you many gifts along the way,