Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The right kind of LSD is the best kind of drug

The first time I did LSD was in junior high school. Before you panic or get all excited, let me explain. In 7th grade I joined the cross country team. LSD was assigned by my coach Max Mar, as our workout for the day. LSD means: Long Slow Distance:)

Long Slow Distance is the best drug ever. When you go for a long walk or run at some point your brain is most definitely altered. Last night, I was once again reminded of the powers of LSD. Sally, our flop eared smiler and I went out for our normal walk but then we just kept going, turning it into a LSD evening. As usually, I start most LSD sessions with my brain merrily chattering along. But after a few miles, usually 3-4, something kicks in and my brain slows down to match the easy pace of LSD.

Long Slow Distance puts me a kind of meditative state of mind. The rhythm of walking, breathing and moving over long distances collectively relax my entire nervous system. My posture becomes strong, the worries of the day fade away and I come back to the present moment. I start noticing the details of each step and my brain lets go.

I have never done the drug form of LSD and have no intentions of ever even considering it. Why would I when I have my own form? This form of meditation, Long, Slow Distance, is not only good for your brain but you get in great shape while you unwind.

As always, wishing you a happy and residue free day
Denise Frakes

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