Monday, May 2, 2011

1 year under my Lasagna belt

Last year at this same time, I was watching the little plants in my newly built lasagna beds grow. If you remember I created my first beds using the guidance from Patricia Lanza's book, Lasagna Gardening.

Even though the garden was hugely successful: I had very few weeds, the soil held moisture incredibly well and my root veggies were so perfect. I still wondered about Lasagna gardening. Maybe, I thought, it was just too good to be true.

If you didn't follow last years experiment, Here is the readers digest version. Lasagna gardening is a way to garden without tilling, spading or removing sod and weeds. It is a way to use up household compostables like shredded paper, chopped leaves, cut grass and anything else you can find- like weeds before they go to seed. You layer these compostables one after another- like a lasagna and then you plant into the bed.

Fast forwarding to now: This spring I had to pull up my 1st lasagna bed to put in our new sewer system- this is a whole other story. Here is what I found! I found the most beautiful, rich, dark composted soil I have ever seen. Even with my compost bins I have never created that much compost. Success!!!! I am now a true believer!

Happy digging!!