Friday, February 11, 2011

The Women's Garden in Kabul

This morning I stumbled across an article from USA Today about the women's garden. It is a garden for women only in Kabul, eight acres of freedom and community. This garden was closed during the Taliban rule and turned into a dump. After 7 months of reconstruction, it opened again this past November.

The women's garden is a creative and beautiful space women can go unescorted by men. Five thousand pink rose bushes , thirty five hundred trees, grass, shops, fitness center, job training, a restaurant called "Always spring" and a little slice of freedom.

The shops and training are run by women, the gardening is done by women, even the police are women. This garden is a place where the women of Kabul can visit and re-discover their joy.

If you are interested in more: USA today has 15 pictures of the garden along with an article by Sara D. Davis. It was originally aired on 1-2-11 and reprinted 1-3-11. Today, is 2-11-11. Check it out! The article doesn't explain why all the roses are pink but I'll bet they are beautiful!!

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy space.

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