Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seattle 1/2 was a blast!

Is it possible to smile for 13.1 miles? Yes, it is! A few years ago, I thought about running the Whidbey Island 1/2 marathon. At the last minute, I pulled out. My calf was giving me fits and the thought of walking or trying to jog 13 miles seems too big an obstacle. Funny how your perspective can change. After walking the 60 mile 3 day walk, 13 miles is just a stroll in the park. Talk about a 360 in thought.
Not only was I able to complete the 1/2 marathon, I ran at least half and smiled all the way. Since I only entered the night before, my running preparation was pretty meager, I hadn't even been on many long walks. What prepared me for going 13 miles was a new perspective plus the excitement of a new discovery.
On race day 17,000 people laced up their shoes. I didn't run for time or for any other reason but just to have fun. And fun I had. I stopped to take pictures, I visited with fellow runners, I waited 15 minutes outside a port a potty, I walked, jogged and smiled. I believe, if you are having fun, whatever you are doing is a whole lot easier.
Will I do it again? You bet!! Plus, the post run care was amazing. Hot chicken and rice soup, chiropractic care, acupuncture, protein drinks, a finishers metal, fun, fun, fun!!
Wishing you all happy walking, running and smiling!
Denise Frakes
Blue Sky Services
Where the sun always shines!!