Thursday, November 18, 2010

A hidden find in Tacoma- hawthorn tea room

There is something warm and special about small and local businesses. I might be biased but still there is a distinct feeling about walking into a business and being greeted by the founder and owner. Each little business was created by someone. First they had a vision, a passion and hopefully some skill then they took a leap of faith and took the plunge.
This plunge is not just about opening a store front or putting an add in a paper" open for business" This plunge is a life change. Your business becomes part of your life. It is an outward expression of yourself. Maybe that is why small personally created businesses feel special- they are.
Yesterday, I had lunch with a new friend. I looked on line and found a little place called
"hawthorn tea room". It was wonderful. The co-owner Laurie, greeted us and helped in our selection of tea. There were 50 to choose from! The little tea shop is right on 30th in old town Tacoma. This is one of my first tea room visits. I thought it might be stuffy, far from that. Their tea room was warm and welcoming. The food and tea were yummy. This little place is what got me thinking of how good it is to be able to walk in a door and say hi, what's for lunch?
If you are looking for a new dining spot, wanting to support a small/ local business or just want a great cup of tea this is a hidden treasure. 253-238-9021
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