Sunday, October 24, 2010

A micro road trip

Back walking today. This morning I woke to a down pour of rain. I was going for a 10 mile walk no matter the weather. A friend and I met to go for a walking road trip.
I love road trips. Adventures in traveling. During my training for the 60 mile walk I discovered the micro road trip. Where my road trip consists mainly of a road and my feet. Car is optional. Today, I used it to get to my friends house. It is not the road trip, but only transportation to my road trip.
Walking 10 miles takes around 2.5 hours, plus an hour for side trips and bathroom stops. Today my road trip was filled with drop dead beautiful autumn colors, an impromptu shopping spree, a delicious lunch and in the last mile, sheets of rain. Lots of chatting, laughing, looking and reminders to keep good posture. I found a pair of sunglasses.
When budgets and time are tight, look for the micro road trip. Getting into shape, exploring the sound and finding adventures in your own back yard. Love it!

Happy travels,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Smiling at what comes your way

Tonight I went out for a run. My left leg tied up and I ended up walking. Sally-my flop eared smiler-walked right along with me. I guess I would have preferred running but some days you get what you get. My Aunt Velma is great about making the most of whatever life brings her. I remember her mom, my great grandma Biddle, sitting at our kitchen table shucking peas. She was just happy. I don't know if she loved peas as much as she found a way to love whatever she was doing.

I can take a lesson from my wise family. I couldn't run today, but the night was absolutely beautiful. I realize I'm incredibly lucky to be able to walk and to live in a place where I am safe and free to do just that. Maybe tomorrow I will be back running. If so then great, if not well I hope I have the wisdom to enjoy whatever the run or walk brings.

Wishing you the freedom to enjoy whatever the day brings,