Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An Act of Discovery

25 days and counting down.....
This past Sunday we took the ferry to Anderson Island and walked 17 miles. The Friday prior, we walked 10. I figured the beginning of this week I would be less than peppy.
Yesterday, I mowed the lawn. Dallas reminded me my walk was going to be 3 days of solid walking, I might consider doing something physical on Monday. So I mowed the lawn. Within the first few steps I noticed something incredible... my legs felt fresh!!!!!!!
My upper body was a little tired but my legs felt great! This walk is more than just 60 miles, it is an act of discovery. Prior to walking this weekend I was diligent about being hydrated: water, ginger water, fruit, green drink and electrolytes. I've noticed when I'm fully hydrated my muscles don't hurt or ache. I'm definitely getting in better shape but I was amazed how healthy I felt yesterday. Today-still feeling good.
The walk on Anderson was beautiful, lots of fir trees, madrona trees and long hilly roads. Walking this far is not boring but relaxing - like a very slow road trip. It took us 6 hours to walk 17 miles. That is a good road trip.
Thanks for all your support!

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