Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lettuce fresh out of my garden has more protein

Does my red leaf lettuce have more protein than store bought lettuce? There is a high probability that it does.

Yesterday, I cut fresh lettuce for our dinner. I've learned to put the lettuce in a bowl of water, let it sit, while the sand and soil sink to the bottom. You can imagine my surprise when I looked into the bowl to find two slugs climbing out. Kind of cute really, they were all stretched out with their little horns finding a way out of the water. I should have taken a picture. If I have lettuce again today I'll take one. No doubt the little devils will join me-again. (If this blog comes with a picture, you will know what happened.)

The sand had pretty much fallen to the bottom, but really do you think I could let sleeping dogs lie, drain and serve my fresh, organic, home grown lettuce? Yuck! I carefully inspected the whole bowl cleaning each leaf with extreme awareness. If I had not gone to such extremes we would have eaten two more slugs!!!

Have I or one of my family members ever eaten a slug? Probably. Hence, my lettuce has a higher protein content than most store bought lettuce. The books make organic gardening seem so romantic. In truth, gardening is not for the faint of heart. You must press on even in the presence of slimy, crawling and buzzing.

This year, I am growing broccoli for the first time since I was a kid. I have delayed in growing broccoli because I clearly remember finding and picking little green worms out of our home grown crop. Last year, my mom grew her broccoli next to cabbage and swears all the little green worms went to the cabbage. I'm growing both. This morning, I noticed I have a little head of broccoli. I will tread ever so carefully from here. I don't want too much protein with my veggies.

Wishing you health and not too much protein,