Thursday, December 24, 2009

A little slice of heaven

It's early on Christmas Eve morning. The house is still asleep and I'm wide awake. This is the first year I am completely loving the dark and quiet mornings. I used to hate the darkness and for some reason I'm growing to love this time of year. It's supposte to be a time of reflection, of rest and of rejuvenation. A gift to us all. A chance to take a deep breath and relax a bit.

I know during the holiday season this may not be how we actually feel. It's more like rushed, behind and longing. I feel those same things and yet the mornings are so quiet, so peaceful so calm. Each morning I wake up and go sit at the little coffee table my grandpa made for me years ago. I sit on the floor overlooking our back yard. Here I can see the sky and the silhouette of the trees. I sit and I write with paper and pen. The pets usually come around so I can rub their ears while I'm sitting. There are no electronics on, no music, no anything. My only light is a little salt lamp. It is a little slice of heaven.

Who knows where the rest of the day will take me. I still have presents to wrap, work to be done and places to go. This is one time residue is good. The residue left over from this quiet time seems to stay with me most of the days. It make this dark season so beautiful and my to do list a little less heavy.

Merry Christmas to all,

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