Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Accumulation of residue goes wild!!

Residue come in many different forms. In cleaning, most times residue can be tracked down to cleaning products, soil and hard water deposits. In life, residue is a little more creative. Today I started the day with a backed up shower drain. This was not on my to-do list. As I was playing around trying to coax the water back down where it belongs I had a little time to think about residue.

Apparently residue not only sticks to your shower walls but your skin, oils, hair, shampoos, hard water deposits, soaps, body and face washes also accumulate in your shower drains. As write this of course it makes perfect since but until my drain backed up this morning, I'll be honest, I hadn't given the residues in my drain much thought.

Residue is one of those little topics we just don't think about until it backs up and spills all over us. Today, as I was running around I realized stress is a form of residue. If let stand and not flushed, rinsed or dried off, stress builds up in our bodies just like the muck in my shower drain.

Before your drain backs up, consider rinsing out the stress in your body. You don't want to wait until your drain spills black sludge all over your day.

May you have happy and healthy homes,

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