Friday, October 16, 2009

A 3 year journey changed my life

It's 6:08 on Friday night. Most of my day was spent on the computer or phone. By the end of my work day I was tired and stiff. My husband called on his way home asked if I was taking the dogs for a run. I mumbled something about 6 out of 7 days a week was plenty and I thought I would take the night off. Dallas due to his 19 years of wisdom, as my husband, suggested I should take the dogs for thier walk. Oh, did I mention it is pouring rain outside???

We, me and the dogs, just got back from a wet, refreshing and fast run in the rain. It was amazing! I feel like a new person. Years ago I was having some trying times with my health. One day I told my sister I was going to walk/run at least 15 minutes everyday for a year.

I ended up doing this daily routine for over 3 years never missing a day. Occasionally, I would have to hop out of bed and walk in place for 15 minutes because I forgot, but most days I went outside.

I ran/walked in the rain, the dark, the cold, the windy, the sunny, the heat, if I was sick, tired or lazy- it didn't matter I did it everday.

During this 3 year plus time I not only regained my health but I found how important it was to my health, happiness and awareness of the seasons. It was the most valuable 3 years of my life- it was life altering. Somedays, I just walked, some I ran, some I did both. I only had to do it for 15 minutes, most days I did more. Being outside, in the fresh air, does something beneficial to you, you just can't measure.

Tonight, I remembered some of those lessons, plus the feeling of freedom and pure joy from running wildly in the pouring rain.

The residue of my computer and office work is long gone, I feel great and both dogs are very happy this evening!

Happy running,

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