Saturday, August 22, 2009

True Sustainablilty

Two springs ago I was in Arizona visiting my grandma and grandpa, along with my mom and aunt Velma. Many of you know of my amazing family. Aunt Velma just turned 100, grandpa turned 96, a couple of days ago and just got his drivers license re-newed-until he is 101! Grandpa doesn't even wear reading glasses.

I guess you could call my family a sustainable family given our longevity and health. But that story is for another day, this this is about the sustainablity of usable materials.

My mom and I were cooking up some fried apples with honey, cardamon and grandpa's home grown pecans. I noticed the stainless steel pan looked brand new. Wondering if grandma got new pans I asked my mom- how old is this pan? "Oh I'd say its about 50 years old. She's had that pan forever".

And there it was, sustainability, it smacked me right in the face. This January Dallas and I will have been married for 20 years. During that time I had gone through 3 sets of Teflon type cook ware. Not only did the finish wear off - we probably ate it-uggh!

Since that discovery I have switched to quality stainless steel cook wear. Cooking in stainless took a bit to get used to but once I got it there is no turning back. It started with 1 10inch pan my dad gave me. Now I have a full set. My budget didn't fit with a full new set. I found great buys at TJ Max, Goodwill and estate sales. For the same cost as my previous 3 sets of disposable and unhealthy pans I have a full set of 50 year pans. Now that is true sustainability.

happy home travels,

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