COVID Video: Safe & Effective Disinfecting

There is a whole lot of disinfecting going on... and rightly so.  We are in the middle of a pandemic.  

Still.....we need to be safe and use our disinfectants effectively.  They are meant to damage and kill living organisms... and we are indeed living organisms. 
If disinfectants aren't used correctly...
they wont be effective and may cause chemical exposure 

From my kitchen to you...
Safe and effective disinfecting steps...Residue Free

Recap to this video... be safe and wise out there!!!  
1.  Prevention first... prevent germs,viruses,dirt, residue
            Wash hands, social distancing, wash hands again, keep germs out of home

2.  Clean!  Effective residue free cleaning is incredibly effective for deactivating and removing germs, viruses, bacteria, and life's residues
Article link: Why soap works 

3.  Focus on high touch points- the things we touch the most
                 (don't need to disinfect the whole world)... cleaning is incredibly effective!!
         Door knobs, handles, counter tops, desks, sinks, remote controls, cell phones, steering wheels, coffee pots, water filters, light switches... even daily things like vitamin, make up, spice containers

4.  Use safer disinfectants when possible.  Chose disinfectant using these active ingredients
              isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, L-Lactic Acid, Citric Acid
               For a complete list of approved EPA disinfectants click here

5. Be safe.  use personal protection and create lots of ventilation- disinfectants are pesticides  
        Use gloves, open up windows and run exhaust fans
6. Read the entire label first... I don't care if you have used these products for generations. 
              Please read the label- for effective use and safety of disinfectants!!
                                          POISON CONTROL:  ACT FAST  1-800-222-1222

7.  Clean first... Disinfectants work best when used on a clean surface.  There needs to be a full residue free cleaning step between use.  At least once a week if not more, completely remove all dirt, disinfectant residues.  If you don't will not get the results you expect
8.  Keep disinfectants out of the air!!!  Be very careful how you use disinfectants and all cleaners.  Never spray into the air, especially aerosol type cleaners.  We do not what disinfectants in our lungs!!

9.  Don't put disinfectants on children, pets or people.  Don't leave disinfectants behind in food areas or on toys.  

         Be safe, mindful and sound, any questions... I'm here for you
                                    Denise Frakes 

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