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Be Residue Free
October 2019 Speaking engagements and Events...
  by yours truly- Denise Frakes... Joyfully given     
 Colormix Forecast 2020 Event intro - Presentation  
      What I'm be sharing:  Is Color an Essential Nutrient?  This will be a fun event.  Color is an essential nutrient- I see it everyday in my work in homes.  Color can shift the emotions of a room in a heart beat.   It's a form of space shifting for sure. 
             There will be two events- both free and run by Sherwin Williams.  Kahley Moran is putting it together and she is amazing!!  This is an even, I can't wait to attend too!!
            Click here to learn more and sign up  scroll down for event- fun site to check out
                  Kent, WA  98032
            Oct 2nd 5-8pm- Wednesday
                Bradlee Distributors
                1400 Elliott Ave West
                 Seattle, WA  98119

  Uncluttered Beauty Workshop
      Oct 5th 2-5pm- Saturday  Click here to sign up  $40.00/ person Under 18 only $20
         This class is personal.  When I was growing up I had troubled skin.  I was told diet, lifestyle didn't matter.  My skin woes were hormones and genes.  I would grow out of it.  Turns out, I didn't grow out of "it".  The doctors told me my food and lifestyle didn't matter...they were wrong!!!  I'm here to tell you beautiful skin is delicious, healthy, easy.  What you put in your body and how you live have a huge impact on your skin!  Come to this workshop and change your life and skin forever!! 
    Location:  Federal Way Fitness Studio
                      33633 9th Ave South Building B
                      Federal Way, WA  98023
                    Also Can register by calling 253-333-8886 or emailing

Residue Free Cleaning Educational Workshop- Free to public
       Oct 15th 6-7:30pm 
          You all know, I'm passionate about residue free cleaning.  Here's the thing... we are not born knowing how to clean. And yet, as valuable and time consuming as this task is, we take very little time to improve our skills and tools.  Cleaning can create a healthy, easy, long lasting nourishing space.... or it can be toxic stressful and lead to destruction of soul and surfaces.  This class is going to be a fun, casual workshop- so bring your questions and curiosities.  I will be showing what tools I use and they will be available to purchase.  Your support helps me create this workshops.  Life is too short to have your chores be a source of stress to you!!  
      Location: Federal Way Naturopathy Clinic
                      900 South 336th Street
                      Federal Way, WA  98023
                      To sign up- email me at  Thanks!!  Your future will thank you

Life Hacks- for home and life  BAM (Business among Moms) meeting  
                Oct 16th 6-6:30 PM  Federal Way BAM                                Go to BAM Events
         Time and stress are running amuck in our world.  Trying to balance home business and life is getting harder and harder.  Or maybe it's always been tough.  Still there are so many ways we can unclutter, destress and simplify our lives.  By simplifying and intentionally uncluttering our lives we gain time, energy and space to play.

  Declutter for Work Success Click here to sign up and learn more Presentation
    Put on by: Master Builder's Association for King and Snohomish 
         Oct 23rd 9:30-11am Wednesday morning 
                Clutter has a huge impact on our businesses.  That's why it's the number one thing to address when creating healthy Feng Shui.  Clutter muddles your thoughts, give a message of stagnation and disorganization to you, your staff and clients.  Clutter wastes time and drags down energy.  When you re-boot your business you bring a rush of fresh energy in.  A fresh work space speaks volumes about your company without you saying a word.  
              335 116th Ave SE
               Bellevue, WA  98004

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