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When I was in high school and college I had a running coaches.  They helped me get stronger, more confident and successful.  I was always a better runner when I had a coach supporting and cheering me on.  This is why I became a life coach- because I know how valuable it is to have someone in your corner- challenging you forward but also patting you on the back and celebrating your victories with you.

    My goal in coaching is:
 To help you discover what you love, what lights you up and gives you energy.
 To help you let go of what depletes, weighs you down and diminishes your spirit.
 To help you simplify, find clarity and focus on what is truly valuable
To keep you focused, clear and moving forward.  Getting stuck in the mud is rarely fun.

Coaching is a partnership.  We work together as a team to move forward

Personal Coaching
 Clutter Clearing Coach
Business Coaching
A note about business coaching.  I love business.  Business is an art.  When we sold the cleaning part of our business I talked to lots of other business owners.  In their eye's I saw longing.  They too wanted to be free from the weight of running a business.  I get that.  As a business coach, I'm not trying to teach social media or accounting.  I coach a joyful spirit in the work place. Letting stress work for you and not against you.  Without your spirit behind your business, your business will fade as will you.  As business need your spirit fully engaged.

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Certified Transformational Life Coach
Certified Clutter Clearing Coach
Supported teams

Residue Free Living Specialist
Certified Energy EFT Practitioner
Certified Master Reiki Practitioner
Certified Healthy Home Specialist
Business Owner 26 years and counting
    Blue Sky Services a restoration cleaning company
                                     Healthy home education
                                     Clutter clearing specialist
BS Degree in Agricultural Business- Colorado State University
Presenter Residue Free - Green Cleaning and Health homes

P.S.  I believe work should be fun and discovering what we love is where we will find ourselves

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