Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Transformational lives...why I coach

I don't talk about my life coaching very much and yet it weaves through everything I do.  Sometimes my life coaching skills are the focus, often they support my other work...such as in downsizing, energized work or creating healthy homes

The truth is, everything I do is about creating a life you can thrive in.  What I love about coaching is:  I'm not here to change you but help you discover you.  I see you as whole, beautiful and fully capable.  We all need support and help in our lives.  It isn't a reflection of something missing but a deep understanding, that we rarely see ourselves as we are capable of being.

This week, I was cleaning out my office files...yes, I do need to reboot my own office.  September is the perfect time. Starting fresh now vs at the end of the year makes a ton of sense to me.  Autumn is full of energy and now more than ever we need to create space and focus our intentions moving forward.

In my clean out I came upon, the 7 commitments of a Transformation coach.  Thought you might just like to know what they are.  

1.  I honor the sacredness of others and hold their confidences

2.  I respect other's perceptions of the world and meet them were they are

3. I am impeccable with my word and commitments

4. I connect from the heart

5. I hold my client and the world in a positives focus

6. I take responsibility for myself and allow others to do the same

7. I see all people as whole, full and complete

For me these commitments are personal and natural.  This is why I was so drawn to the transformation life coaching program.  My work as a coach is to see the miracle of you, even when you might have lost sight of your natural essence.   I'm not here to change but to value, to honor, uncover you, to reflect back to you the wonder I see in you.

Before I was a certified coach, I followed most of these commandments.  In 2016, when I got certified, I grounded my natural tendencies into my work...and life.  For me,  these commitments are an essential part of what I refer to as a Residue Free Lifestyle.  Simple, pure and heartfelt.

Our world is going through some irksome times. What I urge you and will continue to cultivate in my own life is seeing each other and our world.. all it's glory and struggles...in a positive focus. Having faith in each other to be resilient, beautiful, creative and kind.  To see what might be hidden behind clutter, anger, fear, sorrow, lack of sleep, anxiety and too much sugar.  Our beautiful spirits never go away...sometimes we  just get a little residue on the outside.  Nothing a good cleaning can't take care of.

           From my own cleaning out reflections,

                       Denise Frakes... may you journey beautifully


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