Tuesday, February 27, 2018

5 ways to turn your cleaning chore into a playful practice

Oh to be three and think cleaning is play...

The other day my sister sent me this photo of my niece cleaning.  She loves to clean.  In her little 3 year old wisdom, there is no distinction between playing house and actually cleaning house.  It is all play and discovery to her.  Does she sense cleaning shifts her home's energy and makes her surroundings feel better?  I wonder.  It doesn't matter it's still play

Cleaning is a life long activity.... Doesn't it make sense we should make friends with our life chore?  Maybe even turn cleaning into a life enhancing practice??? hmmm well, wouldn't that be something ??;-)  

Below are 5 tips to make cleaning fun and your life better in the process!

1.  Pretend you are three.  Seriously, let go of your brain and tap into that magical brain of a three year old.  Present, curious and innocent.  Your adult brain with thank you!

2.  Crank up some music, open up windows, wear something comfortable and yet flattering and dance, sing and play as you clean- cleaning is excellent exercise.  

3.  Improve your cleaning skills.  Become an expert in easy, simplified, effective, healthy cleaning.  Master your cleaning don't let it master you!

4.  Shift your mindset.  Cleaning shifts energy.  Cleaning is part of space clearing and rebooting your spaces.  Soil and clutter are stuck energies, low level energies.  By cleaning you create healthy flow and a nourished space for your family to thrive.  Notice how your feel before you clean and after- cleaning is good for the soul!

5.  Use cleaning as time to breathe.  A moving meditation.  Breathe and move thoughtfully No time to meditate... No worries.  Think wax on wax off.  Set your timer, shut off all electronics and mindfully go about your play.

If you want to up your skills as a cleaning, contact me.  For 26 plus years, I have owned a professional cleaning company, coached clutter clearing and taught residue free cleaning.  There is no need to travel your whole life dreading a daily chore. Make friends and move along.

As always, I wish you happy and healthy travels,


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