Monday, December 4, 2017

Relax to go faster

If you want to run fast - relax.  If you want to run a marathon relax for a long time. Tension is constriction.  Constriction means you are not in flow.  Watch any professional athlete.  They are relaxed, focused, strong, powerful and most importantly at ease.

Below is a video of Usain Bolt- Professional sprinter, winning the 200 meter.  Pay close attention to what all the athletes do to minimize stress and tension.  They stay loose, move and most are even smiling.

Be like an athlete in December.  It's easy to get caught up in the year end, holiday hustle and bustle.  Treat yourself like an athlete.  If you can learn to relax in peak performance, December will not only flow but you will gain energy and have more power. You will run faster with less energy.

I used to run in college and high school- I was no Usain Bolt but I understood to run relaxed.  Some of my teammates ran tighter- and slower.  I always felt bad for them.  Not because they ran slower but because they worked twice as hard as I did.  This holiday season, notice when you tighten up.  Learn to relax on the run- you will go further, faster and with less energy. You might even find yourself smiling.
           Happy holidays to all,

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