Monday, December 25, 2017

Sorting books- refreshing your spirit

One of my favorite ways to refresh my life is to sort my books.  Overtime my bookcases will fill with ideas and authors.  At some point, I will need to reboot.  I woke up Sunday morning and as I passed my bookcase I had huge desire to play with my books.  Not to read them but to sort them.  My bookshelf had become stagnate and over flowing.  Time to unmuddle and reboot.

Sunday afternoon I pulled all my books out and set them on the bed.  Organizing into categories.  My brain started seeing trends.  I took care to notice how I was feeling.  Was this idea/subject current?  Was I holding onto someone else's thoughts?  Did I feel excited to dive in or obligated to read?  How long have I traveled with this book?  Was it this an old idea that I have fully integrated and moved beyond?  Did I like the title, the color and the size of the book?  Questions and emotions flowed.

I moved my books from pile to pile.  Some got moved into my hubby's bookcase.  They were his thoughts- no need to hold onto someone else's thoughts.
A pile of books to sell or donate started to pile up.  Books I used to love but.. stacked up. Books I think I "should" read but I know myself.  Books I want to explore got stacked. Books I want to pop into to and randomly read a passage or chapter stacked up.  Books I want to read to improve my skills piled up.... And on it went. questions and movement.

Thoughts sorted and refreshed

In the end, I had gathered up 21 books.  21 books varied in topic, size, age, color and author.  A little pile of books I can draw from.  Other books got sorted by subject, type and look and thoughtfully placed into my other book cases.  Many books are going to be taken to 1/2 price books.

This sorting process is what I call sorting my thoughts.  By sorting my books I get to refresh my thoughts, discovered ideas that are not as important as they once were. I discovered old books I wanted to revisit and new ideas I wanted to dive into.  By narrowing down my books I gave myself space to explore.  Now I have a little pile of inspired and energized books.

Uncluttering your books is an effective way of uncluttering your thoughts, discovering your passions and letting go of what no longer supports your life, your spirit, your mind and your health.

Books are personal.  My aunt used to say they were like having friends around.  I agree.  This emotional connection is also one of the reasons they are hard to let go of.  Sort your thoughts, let go of old thoughts. Let your life breathe and create space for new ideas and thoughts to flow your way.

If you are feeling stagnate, uncertain, over whelmed - sort your books.  If your bookcases are over stuffed and spilling out at the seams - sort your books.  If you have held onto your college books, books from 10 years ago - sort your books.  If the title, size and color or a book makes you cringe - sort your books.

Sorting books and uncluttering is not work it is a spiritual practice of discovery.
         Wishing you a clear mind, breathing space and passions ignited.

A tip on cookbooks:
      When looking at the recipes ask yourself do I want to eat this custard or actually cook it.  A trip to a restaurant with a friend to sample and dine is better than old dusty cookbooks taking up space in your life.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Practice of Forgivness

 Leave the weight of the world in December by practicing forgiveness 
 Before the new year starts- let go of the weight you carry with you.

The following is an ancient forgiveness practice called Ho'Oponopono
 This prayer or practice is simple, powerful and healing. It clears and releases you and who/what you direct it toward.  Say it quietly or out loud.  

I started using this practice about a month ago.  It has since become one of my favorite clearing mantras for releasing life's residues.  I especially like it to use toward family, pets and myself. It works especially well when I feel anxiety, regret, guilt or helpless. 
Anyway you use it seems to work. 
Play with it.  Be consistent.  Use it in unexpected places and ways  
Try it for 21 days and let me know what you discover

Please forgive me
I'm sorry
Thank you
I love you

We are all imperfect- it is a human condition. 

Wishing you happy holidays
May we all find peace by giving peace

Monday, December 4, 2017

Relax to go faster

If you want to run fast - relax.  If you want to run a marathon relax for a long time. Tension is constriction.  Constriction means you are not in flow.  Watch any professional athlete.  They are relaxed, focused, strong, powerful and most importantly at ease.

Below is a video of Usain Bolt- Professional sprinter, winning the 200 meter.  Pay close attention to what all the athletes do to minimize stress and tension.  They stay loose, move and most are even smiling.

Be like an athlete in December.  It's easy to get caught up in the year end, holiday hustle and bustle.  Treat yourself like an athlete.  If you can learn to relax in peak performance, December will not only flow but you will gain energy and have more power. You will run faster with less energy.

I used to run in college and high school- I was no Usain Bolt but I understood to run relaxed.  Some of my teammates ran tighter- and slower.  I always felt bad for them.  Not because they ran slower but because they worked twice as hard as I did.  This holiday season, notice when you tighten up.  Learn to relax on the run- you will go further, faster and with less energy. You might even find yourself smiling.
           Happy holidays to all,