Monday, May 1, 2017

Heartfelt work Brings Beauty

When I read something that lights me up I need to share.  This spring John O Donohue's passage called Heartful Work Brings Beauty did it for me again!!

"When you consider it, the world of your action and activity is a very precious world.
  What you do should  be worthy of you;
 it should be worthy of your attention and dignity, and conform to your respect for yourself.
  If you can love what you do, then you will do it beautifully.
 You might not love your work at the beginning;
  yet the deeper side of your soul can help you bring the light of love to what you do.
  Then, regardless of what you do, you will do it in a creative and transforming way."

                                                                                                Anam Cara
                                                                                               The book of Celtic Wisdom
                                                                                                   John, O'Donohue

This spring, I think I have recited this little gem to every group or person I worked with!!  Because if we can learn to love our work, no matter what it is, it will transform our lives!!

                   Just a thought,

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