Thursday, March 16, 2017

Synergy Talks 2017! Coming to Seattle March 29- April 2nd

Hi All,
    I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine Lauren Hrusak.  I met her through my coach training.  Have you ever met someone who lights up a room?  She was sharing in class the other day and it was as if she was also conducting an orchestra.
   Over the past 8 years of blogging I believe this is my first introduction post.  Way to long in coming but today I was inspired.
   Lauren has created an event in Seattle called Synergy talks.  She created it much like the Ted talks.  There will be multiple speakers, speaking for only about 13 minutes followed by 10 of discussion.  Lauren has gathered some amazing speakers which I can't wait to hear!
  You can learn more later in this post but I wanted to share with you what inspired her create such an event.  We need more Lauren's in the world.  Come catch the buzz of energy!!!  (scroll down to register)

"I had a vision of Synergy back in the summer of 2014.
I was working I job I hated and wondering why everyone around me (including myself) had forgotten about their dreams and was just so damn unhappy.
All of sudden I saw an image of a group of people gathered together to discuss their goals and dreams. It would be a personal growth and development group. A community, a tribe, a family that supported and uplifted one another. I realized the three common ingredients to achieving a goal:
1. A deadline.

2. Accountability.
3. The support of others.

What if I could create something that could foster those ingredients?
That's precisely when Synergy was born. I thought no one would be interested in joining a group like that so I kept my idea to myself for many months until I launched the group in January 2015.
When Synergy first launched it was only supposed to be about setting individual goals in a group setting, but my brother, Brent Hruska encouraged me to deliver a recent blog post as a speech to kick off the group.
So I did.
I delivered a speech with the message of the importance of believing in yourself as absolutely paramount to achieving anything. From that month on and every month after I gave a talk based on a prominent theme in my life.
So, after giving more than 15 talks the past two and a quarter years I figured I could share some of them with the public, and thus Synergy Talks! was born.
Thank you for saying "yes," to opening your mind and experiencing a shift.
About Synergy:
Synergy is a collection of goal setting individuals.
Through the positive and encouraging community fostered by Synergy, group members are inspired to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.
Synergy functions as a support system, a motivating network, and a loving family.
What is Synergy's purpose?
1. To ignite within us a renewed enthusiasm for life.

2. To experience inspired transformation.
3. To foster positive momentum in our lives and the lives of others.

The five tenants of Synergy
1. We only speak positively toward and about others.

2. We support each other.
3. We uplift each other.
4. We inspire each other.
5. We believe in one another and most importantly ourselves."

Lauren Hruska

Lauren brings exactly what she says!  This is the first Synergy event- Lets support her and her vision.

Click here to register for the Synergy Talks

I'm honored to be one of the presenters on April 2nd.  I'm excited to get to share in this event and to be there and enjoy!!

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