Monday, December 25, 2017

Sorting books- refreshing your spirit

One of my favorite ways to refresh my life is to sort my books.  Overtime my bookcases will fill with ideas and authors.  At some point, I will need to reboot.  I woke up Sunday morning and as I passed my bookcase I had huge desire to play with my books.  Not to read them but to sort them.  My bookshelf had become stagnate and over flowing.  Time to unmuddle and reboot.

Sunday afternoon I pulled all my books out and set them on the bed.  Organizing into categories.  My brain started seeing trends.  I took care to notice how I was feeling.  Was this idea/subject current?  Was I holding onto someone else's thoughts?  Did I feel excited to dive in or obligated to read?  How long have I traveled with this book?  Was it this an old idea that I have fully integrated and moved beyond?  Did I like the title, the color and the size of the book?  Questions and emotions flowed.

I moved my books from pile to pile.  Some got moved into my hubby's bookcase.  They were his thoughts- no need to hold onto someone else's thoughts.
A pile of books to sell or donate started to pile up.  Books I used to love but.. stacked up. Books I think I "should" read but I know myself.  Books I want to explore got stacked. Books I want to pop into to and randomly read a passage or chapter stacked up.  Books I want to read to improve my skills piled up.... And on it went. questions and movement.

Thoughts sorted and refreshed

In the end, I had gathered up 21 books.  21 books varied in topic, size, age, color and author.  A little pile of books I can draw from.  Other books got sorted by subject, type and look and thoughtfully placed into my other book cases.  Many books are going to be taken to 1/2 price books.

This sorting process is what I call sorting my thoughts.  By sorting my books I get to refresh my thoughts, discovered ideas that are not as important as they once were. I discovered old books I wanted to revisit and new ideas I wanted to dive into.  By narrowing down my books I gave myself space to explore.  Now I have a little pile of inspired and energized books.

Uncluttering your books is an effective way of uncluttering your thoughts, discovering your passions and letting go of what no longer supports your life, your spirit, your mind and your health.

Books are personal.  My aunt used to say they were like having friends around.  I agree.  This emotional connection is also one of the reasons they are hard to let go of.  Sort your thoughts, let go of old thoughts. Let your life breathe and create space for new ideas and thoughts to flow your way.

If you are feeling stagnate, uncertain, over whelmed - sort your books.  If your bookcases are over stuffed and spilling out at the seams - sort your books.  If you have held onto your college books, books from 10 years ago - sort your books.  If the title, size and color or a book makes you cringe - sort your books.

Sorting books and uncluttering is not work it is a spiritual practice of discovery.
         Wishing you a clear mind, breathing space and passions ignited.

A tip on cookbooks:
      When looking at the recipes ask yourself do I want to eat this custard or actually cook it.  A trip to a restaurant with a friend to sample and dine is better than old dusty cookbooks taking up space in your life.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Practice of Forgivness

 Leave the weight of the world in December by practicing forgiveness 
 Before the new year starts- let go of the weight you carry with you.

The following is an ancient forgiveness practice called Ho'Oponopono
 This prayer or practice is simple, powerful and healing. It clears and releases you and who/what you direct it toward.  Say it quietly or out loud.  

I started using this practice about a month ago.  It has since become one of my favorite clearing mantras for releasing life's residues.  I especially like it to use toward family, pets and myself. It works especially well when I feel anxiety, regret, guilt or helpless. 
Anyway you use it seems to work. 
Play with it.  Be consistent.  Use it in unexpected places and ways  
Try it for 21 days and let me know what you discover

Please forgive me
I'm sorry
Thank you
I love you

We are all imperfect- it is a human condition. 

Wishing you happy holidays
May we all find peace by giving peace

Monday, December 4, 2017

Relax to go faster

If you want to run fast - relax.  If you want to run a marathon relax for a long time. Tension is constriction.  Constriction means you are not in flow.  Watch any professional athlete.  They are relaxed, focused, strong, powerful and most importantly at ease.

Below is a video of Usain Bolt- Professional sprinter, winning the 200 meter.  Pay close attention to what all the athletes do to minimize stress and tension.  They stay loose, move and most are even smiling.

Be like an athlete in December.  It's easy to get caught up in the year end, holiday hustle and bustle.  Treat yourself like an athlete.  If you can learn to relax in peak performance, December will not only flow but you will gain energy and have more power. You will run faster with less energy.

I used to run in college and high school- I was no Usain Bolt but I understood to run relaxed.  Some of my teammates ran tighter- and slower.  I always felt bad for them.  Not because they ran slower but because they worked twice as hard as I did.  This holiday season, notice when you tighten up.  Learn to relax on the run- you will go further, faster and with less energy. You might even find yourself smiling.
           Happy holidays to all,

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Chocolate the wonder food...

Chocolate!  I love chocolate.  My family loves chocolate.  Chocolate is my go to food when I need a pick me up, nourishing, TLC, a satisfying treat, a warm cup of love.... plus chocolate is so good for you.  It has massive antioxidants and it is even skin nourishing.  It's a wonder food!

I eat or drink chocolate most everyday.  In the winter, holiday months nothing soothes the soul better than a big old mug of hot chocolate.... If you are reading this blog, we are probably kindred spirits

What I'm about to share with you may feel disturbing... but I must share.  The other day, my hubby returned from our naturopath with a suggested strategy for food intolerance. I read it and paused....

Consider the foods you love or crave as well as those foods you frequently eat, especially foods that you eat as a pick-me up when you are low in energy or out of sorts..."   hummmmmm  heavy sigh 
It took me a couple days of pondering before I decided.  For the season between Thanksgiving and Epiphany day (January 6th), I'm giving up my beloved chocolate as an experiment.   How will I feel during the darkest months, the holidays, the season of desert abundance, of friends and family giving you baskets and trays of chocolate, the season of snuggling under a big blanket, drinking hot chocolate and reading a book???  WOW 

While emptying my big mugs from our dishwashing, this morning, I realized hot cocoa is chocolate!  Oh dear- did I really think this through??  Yes Denise, a deal is a deal!
 I quickly texted my sister- who totally gets the challenge of no chocolate- she immediately replied with three options to hot chocolate- bless you Tara!  My hubby offered two more- thank you Dallas. whew!
When you let go and try new paths your creativity flows, you get out of your habits and life becomes more interesting.  When your "go to plan" is not longer available, you pop out of your rut and create a new trails.  Chocolate is a little rut- Ok maybe a big rut. Shifting your life with simple changes can bring big beautiful blessings.  

If you have a go to food or drink, consider putting it on hold during the holiday season.  Experiment, see how you feel, travel new roads with food.  You don't have to do it forever- just play.

   Please share your discoveries with us in the comments below- thanks!

            Happy holidays, to you all.  May the season of gratitude blend beautifully throughout the season.


This is the link a great foodie site my sister sent as options to my hot cocoa drought .   Great foodie site!  Thanks Tara - my brain is feeling healthier by the minute...


Monday, November 13, 2017

5 Tried, Tested and Wholeheartedly Approved Ways to Simplify Your Thanksgiving

A gift of celebrating Thanksgiving early is I get to share post Turkey day epiphanies before your Thanksgiving. I hold a local family party the 2nd Sat of November.  I’m not sure why I had so many epiphanies this thanksgiving, but they were popping up everywhere!

   Here are 5 tried, tested and wholeheartedly approved
 ways to simplify your thanksgiving...

1.  Pre Cook your Turkey the day before, debone and then put the meat in oven friendly containers  (debone the turkey while the bird is still warm.)  This step reduces three stressors:  Timing your turkey to be done perfectly and on time, the pressure of carving your turkey and then deboning your turkey when you are done eating. Another option would be to go vegetarian for a shift.

2.   Create a Thanksgiving potluck.  Everyone gets to be part of the celebration, sharing traditions and discoveries.  Plus, you get to try and eat new foods with no effort!

3.  Let go of time sensitive dishes, you know the ones: Turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy.  This year I didn't make mashed potatoes or gravy and our turkey was already cooked and deboned!  I realized how much stress it was trying to be a hostess while  finishing up last minute dishes.  I was way more relaxed and got to visit more.

4.  Make dishes you will love as leftovers.  Food that will give you energy and not wear you down.  Food that you will actually eat.  I know this seems obvious but it will keep you healthier with no food waste!  I like simple, colorful, veggie strong dishes.

5.  Make time for your TLC in the am.  Before my house filled up, I went for a run/walk.  Even with all my simplification I was still feeling a bit anxious.  Let's be real, I don't usually have 20 people for lunch.  As I ran, my stress lightened and lessened.  When I got lighter, I remembered gratitude.  I then spent the rest of my run being thankful for my family, for their willingness to give up a Saturday and travel to celebrate with us all.  I returned home grateful, refreshed and ready for the day.

And there you have it... 5 tried, tested and wholeheartedly approved ways to simplify your Thanksgiving.

     May you and yours travel lightly, be lovingly received and well nourished.

The Power of Decluttering your Food Before the Holidays

Evolve your Holidays...with a little decluttering.  Our family celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Sat of November.  Since I have already run through turkey day, I thought I would share the epiphanies I received along the way.

 Declutter and clean out your food first
     Normally I plan on cleaning out my pantry in January.  Smart right?  Always nice to start the new year all clean and happy....hmmm.  In the real world, I'm not energized to clean out my pantry in Jan. But highly motivated before company arrives.   This year I did an early declutter and cleaning before turkey day and it felt amazing.  If I do say so myself, that was a brilliant move!  

    Go for the busy spaces - you know, the ones you are forever adding to and removing from, are hotspots for clutter, disorganization and the occasional dust bunny.  Hello pantry, freezer and refrigerator!!!

4 epiphanies of early food decluttering...

       1.  It doesn't really take as long as you think it's going to.  The time and energy spent thinking about the task is what wears you out.

      2.  Cleaning out your food brings insight- be honest.  Are you really going to make homemade turkey broth from the turkey carcass?    Or are you going to do what I did... end up composting a one-year old frost bit turkey carcass from last year's Thanksgiving?  Saturday, I gave away the carcass to someone who will use it.  This year I also gave myself permission to do one less thing.

     3.  The boost of energy you will gain from having these spaces refreshed and clean will more than offset the time and energy needed.  Walking into a clean pantry makes me surprisingly happy.  All my little teas and spices looking bright, orderly and happily waiting to be used.  Happy is the opposite of stressed!

    4.  I was highly motivated to clean out my pantry before 20 people arrived.  I use this energy to propel me forward!  Knowing company is coming equals pure gold when it comes to housework.  A wee bit of fear of embarrassment is a powerful energizer. Honestly, I doubt if anyone in my family really cares much about my pantry.  But I feel better.  I'm more relaxed, less stressed and there will be less waste. 

The holidays bring stress…. decluttering reduces stress… less stress... happier holidays and a clear vision.  You deserve this!!  Happy holiday clean out to everyone.

Bonus idea... Store your herbs in the window.  When you get your herbs home, cut off about 1 inch and stick in a little jar of fresh water.  Keep your water fresh and you will have fresh herbs for food and decoration!  This tip comes from Nancy L!!!  ;-)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Life is stressful- use cleaning as a moving meditation

    Have you ever had one of those days?  You know the kind I'm talking about.  Where life seems a wee bit irksome and your next step a little shaky?  Yup- that's the day.

    When in doubt, clean.  Cleaning is a form of space clearing.  It shifts energy, refreshes your space and reboots not only your environment but often your attitude.  Cleaning is a moving form of meditation.  Your mind is focused on the task at hand.  The methodical movement of cleaning gives your frazzled thoughts a place to land. 

    Meditation is a proven stress buster, but not everyone has time to set aside for meditation.  Even if you have the time, you may be uncomfortable sitting still.  Cleaning meditations are for active minds and busy lives.

    Where to begin.  Get out your timer.  Set the alarm for 10-20- 30 minutes.  Pick a task:  clean out a drawer, a bookcase, do the dishes, dust, vacuum, clean the toilets, wash windows.  The activity isn't as important as the action.  Set your timer, shut off facebook, texting and phone calls.  Open up your windows, let fresh air in and get a moving.

   While you clean, be mindful of posture, breath and the action at hand.  Keep returning thoughts to your project, your breath and posture.  When the alarm rings, smile, stretch your hands above your head and pat yourself on the back- well done.

   If you have more time to meditate- reset timer and begin again.  When you are finished meditating, you will also have accomplished a task and had a work out!

If you want to take your meditations to the next level... Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty as you clean.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Musical Mondays

Thoughts to start your week..

Monday's have their own rhythm.  It is best to start your Monday's mindfully. 
 Sometimes there can be a bit of an emotional hangover from the weekend.
  I find it helps to add words to support the Day.  
Mondays, magical, mindful and musical, majestic and magnificent.  
Monday's are whatever you make them.  Creating Monday is a work of art.

In my travels today, I happened upon this quote- perfect for Monday

Every illness is a musical problem, and every cure has a musical solution.”

                                                                       –Novalis (16
th Century)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good for your spirit quote

Hi All,
    As the weather shifts and rattles our world, I wish you all well.  While working with a wonderful client we discovered a bit of wisdom... Too good to keep to myself.

In the midst of winter
I found there was within me
An invincible summer!
                     Albert Camus

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Allert: Tight pants are detrimental to your happiness

I just got off the phone with a friend, she was having a bad day.  In our conversation, beyond the rough circumstances she is facing was a little tidbit about her wearing tight pants!  Bingo!

The other day I also wore tight pants so I know what I'm talking about.  You know, pants that cut you in the middle, constrict movement and make you feel fat!

Feel fat is the key word here.  Because I remember in high school I was tiny, a size one, no bigger than a pencil, athletic and fit...until I wore tight pants then I was none of those things.  And even though I knew, believed, and could see that I was not fat, when I wore pants that were too tight, I felt edgy, constricted, irritable, fat, frustrated and discouraged.  Nothing has changed. 

Today, I'm in pretty good shape but you put a tight pair of pants on me, watch out.  During the day, I'm 100% more likely to snip, growl and snort.  I will beat myself up for not being in better shape, review my diet and lifestyle over the past months and vow to eat better and run more. In reality, I  will more likely eat comfort food trying to sooth my jagged nerves.

As a bonus, tight pants put pressure on our backs, tighten up our hips causing an imbalance in our hips, weird out walking stride, constrict our breath and if that wasn't enough are prone to cause lower back pain.  Ha!

The solution... under no circumstance should you wear tight pants.  Take them off, put on pants that create flow, ease, and a sense of movement.  Wearing tight pants to remind yourself or encourage yourself to lose weight will backfire! 

When you are stressed you are not as happy, healthy, creative, prosperous, or resilient.  Tight pants cause stress!

We are going to have days that are less than not compound it by sabotaging your health and happiness with tight pants.

OK, I'm done with my soap box moment.  No More Tight Pants... and you will instantly improve your days!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Where cleaning is a game and mud puddles are for jumping in

Most people think because I clear clutter and owned a restoration cleaning company that I'm one of those super tidy, home always immaculate kind of gals....nope!  The thought makes me smile.

I don't care if you have dust bunnies or a full house. I do care if your eyes sparkle.  I care you live in a healthy space.  I care you are surrounded by that which gives you joy. I care that you feel loved and connected. I care there is space for you to thrive.  This is what I care about.

Perfect homes don't exist.  I love simple imperfect spaces.  I love homes that are unique, authentic, easy, effortless, funny, bright and full of fresh air.  I love families that love easily, love endlessly and love openly.

When I coach simplicity and de-cluttering,  I'm not looking for imperfections.  I'm looking for what gives you radiance and vibrancy.  I'm looking for those juicy parts of your life that need TLC.  I look to see you.  Sometimes we just need to clean off a bit of life's residue. The real you- your essence is always present.  The gift of what I do is to create space for you to breathe.

When I think of residue free living, I think of my niece.  At three years old, there isn't much life residue or clutter build up.  She thinks cleaning is a game, dandelions are beautiful and jumping in mud puddles fun.

wishing you inspired living, work and homes

Monday, May 1, 2017

Heartfelt work Brings Beauty

When I read something that lights me up I need to share.  This spring John O Donohue's passage called Heartful Work Brings Beauty did it for me again!!

"When you consider it, the world of your action and activity is a very precious world.
  What you do should  be worthy of you;
 it should be worthy of your attention and dignity, and conform to your respect for yourself.
  If you can love what you do, then you will do it beautifully.
 You might not love your work at the beginning;
  yet the deeper side of your soul can help you bring the light of love to what you do.
  Then, regardless of what you do, you will do it in a creative and transforming way."

                                                                                                Anam Cara
                                                                                               The book of Celtic Wisdom
                                                                                                   John, O'Donohue

This spring, I think I have recited this little gem to every group or person I worked with!!  Because if we can learn to love our work, no matter what it is, it will transform our lives!!

                   Just a thought,

Monday, April 3, 2017

Catch a fish, write a poem, listen to opera

What is living residue free?  Go shopping and watch people.  Go to different places.  Box stores, discount stores, farmers markets, thrift stores and the candy store.  Go to the post office, the library, the gas station and the park.  Go watch a soccer game played by 28 year olds and then 5 year olds.  Go to a watch a band, an artist blow glass and go to the beach when the sun is out.

 Watch people and you will know what it is to live with residue and without residue.

Go outside at the crack of dawn, dig in dirt, run with your dog, take a shopping cart back to the store for a frazzled mom trying to contain 3 toddlers.  Sit and watch TV for hours, scroll through Facebook and then watch more TV.  Go see the limbs of a tree move, catch a fish, write a poem, talk to a bird and get up and dance.  Notice, try new things, watch people, do old things, wash the dishes and sing songs. Smile when no one is looking.

Living residue free is different for everyone.  It is living without residue.

             Happy travels


Friday, March 31, 2017

Can your chores bring you joy?

Do you smile when you wash dishes, dance when you dust, hum as you pay bills?  Last night I was giving a talk on how to make friends with cleaning.  As I was chatting I realized it isn't cleaning that is the problem- it is our relationship with cleaning, our habits and belief that causes the irksomes.  What we think about cleaning or any chore will decide our fate.

As I type this blog, my joy is palatable.  I'm on fire to play with shifting our relationships with chores to ones that will support and lift us up.  Imagine driving to work singing to the radio- with a big old smile on your face.  Mowing the lawn - drenched in the smells of spring.  Scrubbing toilets as a deep meditation... the possibilities are endless.  I love this so much I can't wait to play myself.  Next bill paying session is going to be spectacular!  My cleaning day is going to rock!  And my grocery shopping a trip in curiosity!!

I've played with this idea for years but last night lightening struck!  I get it.  I'm going to play with it.  I will share it and it is going to change the world!  HA!

Today, pick something you are dreading.  Taxes, dentist, washing your socks, plucking eyebrows, brushing your teeth- anything... Create space to play in your thoughts.  A little spark is all you need for a fire to start.

Comment below- tell me what you are going to do to change your world!  One chore at a time!!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Today: slightly spicy with sweet overtones

The sun is shining.  The wind is blowing.  I ate lemon, chia seed pound cake with my 3 year old niece this morning.  For lunch my hubby and I tried a new Korean restaurant and had radish soup.  It tasted like a clear potato soup.

This afternoon Lauren came over to practice my talk for her upcoming Synergy Talks.  I will add in some of my experiences with cows and kittens.  After our practice we chatted about giving talks, love and life.

After my hubby gets done giving a sound bath/singing bowl treatment I'm going to see if he wants to go for a run in the woods.

This is life.  This is my life today.  The spring flowers are starting to bloom.

I wonder, will I remember the sweetness of this day or the moments in between?  There are always moments in-between.  Those moments range in flavor from spicy, savory, bitter, salty to bland.    

When I write life feelings in terms of flavors- they all are needed in the dish.  Which flavors do I notice?  Which ones will I remember?  Do I like complicated or simple flavors?

This blog is three blogs in one.  That's what I'm going with today. 
       Notice the sweetness of the day, look for new flowers and think of the day's moments as of flavors and not judgements.

             Sat nam;-)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Synergy Talks 2017! Coming to Seattle March 29- April 2nd

Hi All,
    I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine Lauren Hrusak.  I met her through my coach training.  Have you ever met someone who lights up a room?  She was sharing in class the other day and it was as if she was also conducting an orchestra.
   Over the past 8 years of blogging I believe this is my first introduction post.  Way to long in coming but today I was inspired.
   Lauren has created an event in Seattle called Synergy talks.  She created it much like the Ted talks.  There will be multiple speakers, speaking for only about 13 minutes followed by 10 of discussion.  Lauren has gathered some amazing speakers which I can't wait to hear!
  You can learn more later in this post but I wanted to share with you what inspired her create such an event.  We need more Lauren's in the world.  Come catch the buzz of energy!!!  (scroll down to register)

"I had a vision of Synergy back in the summer of 2014.
I was working I job I hated and wondering why everyone around me (including myself) had forgotten about their dreams and was just so damn unhappy.
All of sudden I saw an image of a group of people gathered together to discuss their goals and dreams. It would be a personal growth and development group. A community, a tribe, a family that supported and uplifted one another. I realized the three common ingredients to achieving a goal:
1. A deadline.

2. Accountability.
3. The support of others.

What if I could create something that could foster those ingredients?
That's precisely when Synergy was born. I thought no one would be interested in joining a group like that so I kept my idea to myself for many months until I launched the group in January 2015.
When Synergy first launched it was only supposed to be about setting individual goals in a group setting, but my brother, Brent Hruska encouraged me to deliver a recent blog post as a speech to kick off the group.
So I did.
I delivered a speech with the message of the importance of believing in yourself as absolutely paramount to achieving anything. From that month on and every month after I gave a talk based on a prominent theme in my life.
So, after giving more than 15 talks the past two and a quarter years I figured I could share some of them with the public, and thus Synergy Talks! was born.
Thank you for saying "yes," to opening your mind and experiencing a shift.
About Synergy:
Synergy is a collection of goal setting individuals.
Through the positive and encouraging community fostered by Synergy, group members are inspired to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small.
Synergy functions as a support system, a motivating network, and a loving family.
What is Synergy's purpose?
1. To ignite within us a renewed enthusiasm for life.

2. To experience inspired transformation.
3. To foster positive momentum in our lives and the lives of others.

The five tenants of Synergy
1. We only speak positively toward and about others.

2. We support each other.
3. We uplift each other.
4. We inspire each other.
5. We believe in one another and most importantly ourselves."

Lauren Hruska

Lauren brings exactly what she says!  This is the first Synergy event- Lets support her and her vision.

Click here to register for the Synergy Talks

I'm honored to be one of the presenters on April 2nd.  I'm excited to get to share in this event and to be there and enjoy!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Open your heart... Meet Il Volo

Do you feel tight?  Do you want to feel rich, full and open?  One of my beloved clients/friends has introduced me to Il Volo or as she refers to them as "the boys"
  When we work together my friend plays "the boys" on her stereo.  Their voice expands your heart.  They expand my heart. I feel rich, full and expanded. Life gets easier.  I wish this for you...

                               Today give your heart a little gift,

To expand your heart click here and meet "the boys"

This is a YouTube video- there is a very short commercial first- please click skip add
The music is well worth the effort!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Chasing happiness

I have a confession to make.  Last year, I thought I would learn to be happy.  I practiced happy.  I searched for happy. Funny thing is I was happier before I started trying to be happy.  I was already happy...until I tried to be happy...

 Science backs being happy.  When we are happy we are the opposite of chronically stressed.  We are all healthier, stronger and clearer.  We are more curious and creative.  We are more prosperous, gratefully and resilient.  We are everything we hope... and yet,,  Happiness isn't a thing.  Happiness is the end of a rainbow.  It's the pot of gold. 

Chasing happiness is like chasing a rainbow- hoping to capture the pot of gold.  But just like a rainbow happiness is elusive.  It moves, it shift and teases- I'm over here.

Happiness is not a destination it is a rainbow.  Can we be happy?  Absolutely, but happiness only comes in the present moment.  It is not a thing it is a state of being.  In a 24 hour period, we may have 10 moments of ease, 23 moments of gratitude, 15 moments of discouragement, 2 moments of joy, and one really powerful moment of fear which ends up taking over the rest of our day.

In one day there are 24 hours, 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds.  How long is a moment?

Our goal maybe should be to be present for as many of those moments as we can.  Isn't being present where the pot of gold really is?  It is the present of being alive.  When we are present we are connected.  We are alive.  We see the world.  We are in the world, not lost in yesterday, not wondering about the future and not chasing rainbows. 

What if in any day there are 18 moments that take your breathe away by their beauty?  Don't you want to be there?

Take a moment now...

Write what makes you happy.  Write for 10 minutes non stop, no editing, write continually.  Write about what make you happy.  Happiness is the awareness of what we love.  Discovering what we love.   Cultivating our passions, feeling gratitude and love.  Happiness is sitting with my dog Sally rubbing her soft brown and white speckled ears, seeing close her eyes and absorb.  Happiness isn't a thing, it is a moment.  When you feel happiness know that that moment is a gift.  We are not entitled to be happy.  Maybe our practice isn't to be happy but to cultivate beautiful moments and then be present to witness those moments.  Discover your moments.

A funny thing happened on the way to being happy... I forgot to be.  Practice the art of being and when you next see a rainbow pause and enjoy the moment.

Let go of being happy, be curious, be present and grateful and see if this elusive thing called happiness doesn't come visit.

        With love,

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When going up hill take small steps

Hi all,
    This afternoon I went for a run.  I run because I love to run but I also run because it takes me where I want to go- on the roads and in life.

    This afternoon while I was running up a steep hill.  I remembered to shift my stride. When running up a steep hill take shorter strides, keep your head up and breathe!  Kind of like life right? 

When life is hard, take it one step at time, take smaller steps, keep moving forward, keep your head up and for heavens sakes ... Breathe!!

 Just a gentle reminder for days when life is a bit irksome.

PS.  A nap never hurts either!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"And waste my heart no more on fear"

This morning as I'm prepping to give a presentation on clutter tonight, I'm pausing to share a couple poems.

May I have the courage today
To live the life that I would love,
To postpone my dream no longer,
But do at last what I came her for
And waste my heart no more on fear.

   John O'Donohue

I choose to risk my significance.
To live so that which came to me as seed
goes to the next as blossom
and that which came to me as blossom, 
goes on to fruit.

Dawna Markova

Wishing you a lightness in your step and ease in your life,

It's not enough to keep peddling

It's not enough to just keep peddling and peddling. There are times you should pause, sit down have a picnic and enjoy the lunch before you start peddling again.  And there are also times you should take care of your bike.  Just a thought for the day

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sprouting Habits

 This morning I was once again out running and pondering life.  You probably know by now that I love to run.  Most of my moments of brilliance and inspiration show up when my mind shuts off - usually around mile 3.

Today, among other things, I was thinking about seeds, habits, spaciousness, the growth cycle of a plant, my stride and how good it felt to run in the rain.  As I ran, I got one of those awesome light bulb moments.

Habits and resolutions are like seeds.  You can't force a habit any more than you can force a tree from a seed- it takes time.  According to Tom Corley in his book on habits, most habits take between 18 and 257 days to be formed.  The difference in time being the complexity of the habit and how consist you are in getting it integrated in your life.

Here is the light bulb moment...drum roll please...  In January, we are only sprouting seeds.  We may not even see the dirt move until it spouts later in the year.  But...and this is crucial... just because we don't see any life altering change, doesn't not mean there isn't an extraordinary change happening... The seed is trying to sprout!!  January is when we are preparing our dreams and seeds to sprout.  We may not see anything but nothing, absolutely nothing, will grow without a beginning.

By February, and this is when many resolutions and hopeful habits get lost in the shuffle of life.  By February, if we stop caring for these itty bitty, very fragile seeds they will wilt and die.  Come next December, instead of enjoying the harvest from potential seeds we will sadly remember our hopes and dreams for the year.

Idea!  Write down your desired habit or resolution.  Get a picture of a seeding.  Combine the two and put them in a spot you will see daily.  Anytime you start getting board, discouraged or sidetracked, think of the tiny little seed/habit beginning to sprout and trying to make its way out of the soil.  Think how sad and disappointed the little guy would be if you just up and walked away from him.

Wishing you happy seedlings and rich soil,

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A few of your favorite things

This week, Julie Andrew songs seem to be popping into my head.  Last blog it was
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from the movie Mary Poppins.  This week it seems to be, "A few of my favorite things" from the Sound of Music. 

What do you love? What makes your heart smile?  What makes you breathe deeply? When are you at your most creative?  How do you want this year to feel? 

 Make a list of your favorite things.  Along the year, when you need a boost you will have your own go to guide.

 Do you know what your favorite things are? 

Need a little inspiration?

Here are a few of my own favorite things...

   Apparently, songs from Mary Poppins and the Sound of Music...
   Curling up in a big blanket, having something hot to drink and reading just for fun
   Running in the woods- this includes 2 of my favorite things - running and nature
   Having an idea, inspiration a light bulb moment pop into my day
   Creating a dish.  Something healthy, interesting with no expectation only curiosity 
   Free time, 15 minutes to a full day set aside for doing whatever my heart wants
   Coming home to Sally- our flop eared smiler (picture below)
            Nobody greets as joyfully as Sally.
            She grins, wags her tail and turns herself inside out
    Moss on trees in the winter- it looks like little coats
    Walking with my hubby and having him put his hand on my back- just to say hello

Wishing you all an inspired new year, filled with your favorite things, places and people!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What to say when you don't know what to say... you might be surprised at the answer

I've just returned from a very chilly run.  Have you ever noticed how your brain runs free and light when running or doing anything with a consistent and mindless rhythm?  Running has always been my go to place to find ideas...

That said, while running today I was once again granted a moment of inspiration.  What to say when you don't know what to say...

We all get stuck in ruts, create habits and end up doing the same thing over and over again, even if it does absolutely nothing for us.  When working with clients, I hear the same thing over and over again: I don't know!! This repeated "I don't know answer" It isn't really very helpful but sometimes there really isn't an answer.

Today, half way through my run it came to me... Mary Poppins!  Yup, Mary Poppins.  I watched Mary Poppins a couple weeks ago, hadn't seen it in years.  I smiled all the way through- all 3 hours of the movie.

In the movie, do you remember the end when the dad is about to lose his job and he remembers what Mary Poppins told him?

   When you don't know what to say... say...

And that was my idea today!  It sounds ridiculous, I know it does and yet I have a hunch it would be incredibly helpful.  When we don't know what to do, we get stressed. When we are stressed, we are not as creative, intelligent, flexible, healthy or happy.   But when we are happy we are a much brighter version of ourselves. Oddly enough, I'm pretty sure I could back this running theory up with solid science.

By saying supercalifragilisticexpialidocious we are creating new brain pathways and being silly.  By being silly, we relax and lighten up.  It gives us the freedom of not knowing everything.  As if anyone has all the answers anyway, somehow as adults we think we should.  But of course we don't.

The next time you don't know the answer just say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"  and see what happens.

If you need a refresher here is the link with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dike.
         Click here to transport yourself back to being a kid without all the answers

Wishing you all a light hearted, inspired and care free 2017,  From the looks of my first post, this year is going to be a very interesting!!