Monday, March 7, 2016

Do the vampire test

I stumbled upon a book.  One of the best ways I know to get unstuck is to engage your creative self.  While looking for books on creativity for inspiration and mind shifts, I came upon Austin Kleon's work.  His work is raw and honest.  He gives you permission to love your garbage.

Tonight I was flipping through his book, on page 133 of Show your Work, was a heading followed by a quote:

The Vampire Test

"Whatever excites you, go do it.
Whatever drains you, stop doing it"
                         Derek Sivers

Can clutter clearing get anymore clear than this?   When you clear your clutter- your mental clutter, your physical clutter, your emotional clutter and your spiritual clutter, put it through the Vampire Test.  

I'll keep reading, at this point I'm not even sure if this is what Austin meant by the Vampire test.  If so, brilliant, if not we'll thank you for the inspiration!

     Be fearless in your decisions,