Sunday, February 28, 2016

Clutter Clearning Essential

Today is Sunday.  I'm sitting at my writing desk listening to the rain fall.  My grandpa built this desk for my dad 30 some years ago.  I wonder, did he know he was building my writing desk?  Did my dad know what it would become when he gave it to me?

Life is a series of curiosities.

There is a time and a season for everything.  Today is the day to pause.  To play. To write and maybe make a nice big batch of buckwheat pancakes.

When I talk about living residue free or clearing out our clutter I'm really talking about giving your spirit a little breathing space.  Freedom.  A day to sit, ponder and eat homemade buckwheat pancakes.  Time and space with no agenda.  Watch the clouds go by.  Wait for a chicken egg to hatch. Open a book and then sleep with it in your lap.  These are the pauses between our breaths.  These are essential moments.

I love helping clear clutter.  I love cleaning off the residues of life.  We are all whole and perfect.  My work is not to fix anything but to uncover it's essence.  To help you clean off, clear out the residues of life that diminish your inner brilliance- that is my job, my passion and my life's mission.

My work is really two fold.  Remove what doesn't belong.  Nurture what wants to grow and thrive.  Today, I'm a writer playing at my desk.  Tomorrow a farmer pulling weeds and planting crops.  Today I write not as part of my to-do list or master plan.  I write because that is what makes me happy.

Now I think I'll grind up some buckwheat and make pancakes.

Wishing you time to breathe and play,

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